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This paper covers the concept of child abuse, reviewing the history, definition and what is being done through legislation to reduce the trauma associated with such abuse. The main thesis that the paper supports is that child abuse is not new, however, it's only been during the past century or so that it hasn't been tolerated in the United States. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


This 6 page paper deals with the analysis of two authors' opinions on Globalization. The major arguments that each present are listed as well as refutations to those thesis. Examples, quotes, citations offered. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Analysis of the Bobby Seale book, Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party:

This 6 page paper discusses the politics of the group the Black Panthers. This analysis is based on the thesis that this group is extremist and not viable based on their ideology which advocates change outside of all current lawful avenues. Bibliography lists 1 source.


This 6 page paper gives a brief overview of Thomas Hardy's book, The Mayor of Casterbridge. The main thesis is if character determines destiny. Examples and quotes are given from the text to support the statement. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This essay by Jane Tompkins is analyzed for thesis and the arguements that she utilizes in proving her main theme. Bibliography lists 1 source.


This 5 page paper gives a brief overview of Anne Twinam's book, Public Lives, Private Lives. A review is given which examines the credibility of both the author and the work and gives examples from the text (cited) which support the author's thesis. Bibliography lists 1 sources.


This 5 page paper gives the basic belief system of both Confucianism and Christianity and does a comparison and contrasting of their beliefs. Included are specific quotes from text from each religion as well as arguing the thesis that both have the same goals. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Theme of Power and Charisma in Suetonius's The Twelve Caesars and Machiavelli's The Prince

This 5 page paper takes a look at both works to support the thesis that while power is essentially a theme for both works, the charismatic aspects in each is substantial. The concept of charisma is examined. No additional sources cited.

Was Oedipus Guilty Given The Circumstances of His Life?

This four page paper discusses whether or not the Greek mythological character Oedipus was guilty and responsible for the events that occurred in his life. This paper presents and defends the thesis that he was not because he was not aware that she was his mother when he did it and upon finding out gouged his own eyes out as self punishment thereby proving he knew it was wrong. Bibliography lists one source.

Violence in the Media: Its Effect on Children

15 pages in length. This paper is an excellent research thesis on how violent behavior in children is related to violence in the media. Includes abstract, hypothesis, review of literature, proposed methodology, analysis and conclusion. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Are the Poor Lazy?

This 6 page paper provides an argument that says that the poor deserve their plights because they are lazy. Theories of Marx, Aristotle and Locke are used to support the thesis. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Poetry of Wilfred Owen

This 5 page paper explicates three of Owen's World War I poems. The thesis of this paper is that Owen is able to evoke emotions through the use of imagery. No additional sources cited.

Neil Postman/ "Technopoly"

A 3 page research paper that analyzes the main thesis of Neil Postman in his book "Technopoly." In this text, Postman asserts that the "thought world" of technology has taken over and threatens the cultural basis for our society, The writer argues that while Postman is right in some of his assumptions, he has interpreted the data in the wrong direction. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A Paper on Argumentation

In modern society there is such a plethora of information as well as a myriad of modes of acquiring information that it is difficult for the individual to fully comprehend all aspects of a problem in order to come to a decision or an opinion. This 7 page tutorial explains the process of developing a paper based on analyze, interpretation and argumentation. The thesis for the paper is: an individual must seek sources outside the media in order to make an informed decision. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Analysis of Irigaray's Spiritual Ideas

This 5 page thesis paper delves into this feminist writer's ideas about spirituality and religion. She is compared with Simone de Beauvoir. Irigaray's outstanding contribution to women's spirituality is emphasized. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 7 page paper gives a literary criticism of Harriet Jacob's book, Incidents from the Life of a Slave Girl. It analyzes this book for the typical elements of great literature, such as metaphor, symbolism, dialogue and character development as well as cohesive structure. Examples and quotes support the thesis that they are all present and as such qualify this book as a classic. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


This 5 page paper compares and contrasts two essays about the death of prize fighter, Benny Paret, by Norman Mailer and Norman Cousins. Examples given to support the strong thesis, cited and referenced. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 5 page paper discusses William Shakespeare's play, The Taming of the Shrew as it applies to feminist themes, or the lack thereof. Examples are given and cited which support the thesis. Short Outline included. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

The Significance of Rain Imagery in A Farewell To Arms:

This 5 page paper discusses the significance of rain in A Farewell to Arms. Rain is used in this novel to depict loss and examples are given to justify this thesis. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Argument Against Corporal Punishment:

This 10 page paper discusses both side of the corporal punishment argument. This paper presents the thesis that corporal punishment is not effective in any circumstance. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 15 page paper analyzes the writings of seven experts on the Russian Revolution. These thesis are examined for overall content, cause of the war, scope, relevancy, and application. Examples cited and quoted from each text. Bibliography lists 9 sources.


This 5 page paper analyzes the works of Whitman, Ammons, Bishop, Heyen, and Wright for their depiction of man and his relationship with things/objects and nature. Quotes used from text to support the thesis, and cited. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


This 5 page paper argues that justice is alive and well in the United States and that the court rulings cannot be politically based, though the appointments surely are. Examples, quotes and citations included to support the thesis. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


This paper discusses the concept of corporate governance, particularly in the wake of the Enron Corp. collapse. The paper supports the thesis that corporate governance helps improve a corporation's value to shareholders. The paper also talks about why corporate boards are no longer accountable to the company shareholders. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Hobsbawm's Age of Extremes

This 5 page paper provides an overview of this book that focuses on twentieth century life. The author's thesis is explored and critiqued. No additional sources cited.

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