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Thucydides’ “Athenian Thesis” and the “Unjust Speech” in Aristophanes’ The Clouds

This 5 page report discusses and compares two ancient Greek texts and considers the ways in which each addresses the issues related to what is “just” and “unjust” and what defines strength and weakness. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Virginia Woolf's "Three Guineas": Agreeing With Thesis

4 pages in length. Taking on two monumental social concerns – war and gender inequity – Virginia Woolf's "Three Guineas" reaches beyond any superficiality commonly associated with those who choose merely to graze the topic with paltriness. Rather, Woolf's approach, while seemingly simple in its conjecture, is as forthright as one can possibly be when faced with answering such enormous questions. Her testimony fits into social theories and interpretations of gender by way of attacking each topic head-on without hesitation, speaking the truth and illustrating just how simply the answers truly are to some of the world's most prominent problems. No additional sources cited.


This 4-page paper offers a proposed thesis about applications of CRM as it pertains to e-commerce. Portions of the proposal include reason for the thesis, literature, methodology and proposed hypothesis. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Photosynthesis And The Carbon Cycle

7 pages in length. The cycle of life is present in myriad forms -- from birds dispersing seedlings far and wide to bees pollinating flowers to animals propagating their respective species -- providing for the survival of every living thing on this planet. The symbiotic relationship that exists between each two elements in the above examples illustrates how the lifecycle could not perpetuate itself if one of them were missing, a point just as pertinent when examining how soil and seed make food as when analyzing the interdependence of photosynthesis and the carbon cycle, with coral reefs representing a most appropriate example of this association. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Adam Smith's Invisible Hand and His General Thesis on Wealth Creation

This 3 page paper answers two questions in Q & A format. One question addresses Smith's concept of wealth creation and the other explores his "invisible hand" concept. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Examining the Efficient Market Hypothesis, Overcoming its Effects

A 12 page paper examining the efficient market hypothesis and market anomalies in order to determine how investors can maximize their returns. Warren Buffett believes that markets are not efficient at all, that it is possible to find and exploit undervalued stocks and so maximize investment return on those stocks. The efficient market hypothesis (EMH), however, holds that stock prices occupy the levels they do because all possible information is known about them and that information has brought them to the price level where they are. There are proponents of the efficient market hypothesis; there are those who, like Warren Buffett, roundly reject it. Bibliography lists 28 sources.


This 3-page paper provides a literature analysis regarding the hypothesis that members of sororities and fraternities tend to have higher GPAs than their non-Greek counterparts. The literature is mixed in this situation, however, and the paper explains in what way. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis

This 3 page paper takes a look at these scientific processes and how new technology in regard to evaluating genetic materials are utilized. Examples are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Thesis Proposal: The Effect of Live Video on the Learning Process

This 4 page paper is divided into four parts: Hypothesis, Statement of Interest, Literature Review and Methodology. The proposal for a research project includes literature on how the use of video impacts students in a learning situation. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Efficient Market Hypothesis; What is it and how accurate is it?

Efficient Market Hypothesis, EMH, was developed in the 1960’s by Eugene Fama, today the theory remains one over which there is controversy. This 9 page paper begins by outlining the theory an the three variations; weak, semi-strong and strong. The paper then considers the evidence for each of these forms and looks at the way the theory has been tested over time to determine if it can be seen as accurate and which forms have the most support. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

Multi-Step Synthesis of Benzilic Acid

This 6 page laboratory study considers the multi-step synthesis process in the creation of benzilic acid. The project proposes the use of benzaldehyde and potassium cyanide and the focus on the varied steps in order to synthesize benzilic acid. This study reviews the procedures, outlines the findings relative to this process, and produces some data regarding the process in order to show the impacts of each step in the process. The multi-step synthesis approach and the use of specific agents are central to the views created in this study. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Facial Feedback Hypothesis

This 10 page paper relates the facial feedback hypothesis, a central theory of social theorist William James, as the basis for this study. This study demonstrates the basic premises behind the facial feedback hypothesis, the views of non-verbal communication relative to emotions and the specific ways of assessing this hypothesis through an observational study of a subject population. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Hypothesis Concerning Child Abuse

A 2 page research paper that focuses on presenting a hypothesis, which is do children who have been sexually abused become abusers themselves, in terms of what are the dependent and independent variable in this proposed study. These terms are defined giving several examples of what constitutes a dependent and independent variable. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Protein Synthesis

A 4 page paper describing the method by which ribosomes synthesize proteins in the cell’s cytoplasm. The paper identifies amylase as being one of the body’s proteins, one so specific that its presence in blood confirms diagnosis of pancreatitis, a potentially fatal disease. Includes one figure. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Patient Synthesis

A 20 page research paper that offers a comprehensive overview of a specific patient, detailing the ramifications of diagnosis for nursing care. The patient being profiled is a 66-year-old Caucasian female who was admitted to the hospital complaining of flu-like symptoms and acute bronchitis. The primary diagnosis on admission was pneumonia and COPD. This synthesis paper not only indicates information specific to this patient, but also offer a literature review of relevant research that holds the possibility of impacting this patient's care, as well as detailing the theoretical basis that provides a framework for the patient's care. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Thesis Defense: Thomas Aquinas' Argument for the Existence of God:

This 3 page paper provides the basic argument of Aquinas for the existence of God, as well as providing the basic argument against this belief of Aquinas'. In providing the argument against Aquinas and a rebuttle, this paper illustrates the means by which a thesis is defended. Bibliography lists 1 source.


This 3-page assignment focuses on Badwar's article on "The Circumstance of Justice," in the book Philisophical Perspectives on Sex and Love. In this article, Badwar argues against Sandel's theory on Inverse Proportionality.

Interest Rate Parity Theory and Unbiased Expectations Hypothesis

This 11 page paper explain what is meant by interest rate parity (IRP), including the different version of the IRP model. The paper then considers if the link between spot and forward exchange rates be reconciled using the unbiased expectations hypothesis (UEH). The bibliography cites 10 sources.


This 13 page paper discusses meditation and the incorporation of it into the practice of the psychotherapist. Scientific studies discussed and outlined, specific methodology is suggested with thesis, proposal and analysis of past research. Bibliography lists 14 sources.


This 3 page paper is an example of an outline and thesis for a future paper on Shelley's themes of education in Frankenstein's Monster. Quotes cited from text. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Plant Growth: The Importance of Soil and Photosynthesis

A 6 page review of the importance of soil and photosynthesis to plant growth. The author identifies the nutrients of concern for plants as well as other environmental parameters that can affect their growth. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Introduction and Hypothesis

This 4 page paper provides an overview of an introduction and hypothesis to be used for a study of the use of financial aid services. Bibliography lists 5 sources

The Frontal Deterioration Hypothesis and Cognitive Decline with Age

This 5 page paper considers the issue of the frontal deterioration hypothesis and cognitive decline with age. Specifically, this paper relates the issue of dementia and the assessments of mental decline.

Synthesis : Articles By Sontag And Nehamas

This 5 page paper discusses two journal articles: The art of being unselfish by Alexander Nehamas and An argument about beauty by Susan Sontag. The writer presents an opinion first, then provides an analysis that compares and contrasts the two articles. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Performing an Hypothesis Test

This 3 page paper uses data supplied by the student to demonstrate the performance of an hypothesis test. First the paper determines what the hypothesis and the null hypothesis should be and then how to actually perform the test, using a T-Test and how to interpret the results. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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