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Why Did the Nazis Experiment on the Jews?

This 10 page paper explores reasons why the Nazis experimented on the Jews. The thesis of the paper focuses on Marxism and aligns class conflict with anti-Semitism. Details of Nazi medical experiments are included. Bibliography lists sources.

A Historiography and Evaluation of The Anti-War Movement During the Vietnam Era

This 5 page paper evaluates literature related to Vietnam and the Antiwar movement. The thesis of this paper is that the media did oppose the war and support the movement for the most part. Bibliography lists 12 sources.


This 4 page paper gives an overview to Appleby's book, examines the main thesis and gives examples of potentially biased writing. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Media is Not Responsible for Violence Against Women

This 7 page paper argues that media is not responsible for violence against women as suggested by an article reviewed. Several other sources are used to support the thesis. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


This 5 page paper provides an overview of the issue of Affirmative Action, both sides of the debate, the stakeholders, and a possible thesis statement for a study on this issue. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Mexican Revolution of 1911-1914

An 11 page overview of this critical time in history and the factors leading up to it. The thesis is presented that "this revolution was distinguishable in that it resulted in great social and cultural changes and Mexico once again had the promise of hope" is debated. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Ruth Park/Harp in the South

A 5 page essay on this Australian novel, which draws heavily on a review by F.C. Molloy (the novel itself is not cited directly). Using this review, the writer develops a thesis for the novel that explains why, despite there being moments of joy and happiness in this novel, the reader ultimately leaves the characters with a sense of depression. Bibliography lists 1 sources.

Book Review of Matthew R. Simmons’ “Twilight in the Desert”

A 6 page paper which provides a detailed overview of the text, describes its thesis and structure, then evaluates its overall strengths and weaknesses. No additional sources are used.

John Grisham & The Theme of Law

6 pages discussion the consistency of law as a theme in the works of contemporary author John Grisham ('A Time to Kill,' 'The Client,' 'Pelican Brief,' 'The Chamber,' etc;. Bibliography lists 5 sources. FREE thesis-orientated outline included.

Mark Twain's 'Huckleberry Finn' & The Importance of the River

6 pages in length. The writer's thesis states that in the novel, the river was a source of knowledge and a perennial 'guiding light' for characters. A well-organized analytical essay follows to prove this point. Bibliography lists 6 supporting sources.

Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible'

A 6 page analytical comparison between two opposite characters : Abigail Williams and John Proctor. Essay is thesis-orientated and includes supporting materials from three sources cited in bibliography.

Women In The Plays Of Arthur Miller

A 40 page thesis on five plays by this well-known American playwright -- Death of A Salesman from the 1940s, The Crucible and A View From The Bridge from the 1950s, After The Fall from the 1960s, and A Ride Down Mount Morgan from the 1990s. After analyzing the four main types of female characters that appear in these plays, the writer concludes that the tendency of much of Miller's work to focus on the inner thoughts of one male protagonist gives little opportunity for the development of female characterization. Bibliography lists 16 sources..

F. Scott Fitzgerald / Disposable Morality in 'Tender is the Night'

An 11 page paper dealing with the theme of Dick Diver's moral decline in Fitzgerald's novel. In order to build the writer's thesis, Diver's personality, relationship to other characters, and collapsed value system are among the many variables discussed. Bibliography lists 7 supporting critical sources.

Recurrent Themes in the Works of Eugene O'Neill

A 17 page criticism of Eugene O'Neill - -focusing specifically upon how he portrayed the way in which hidden psychological processes intrude upon our outward actions. Two works by O'Neill are discussed throughout the paper : 'The Ice Man Cometh' and 'Hughie.' Through a discussion of characters and circumstances complemented by cited criticisms, the writer does an excellent job proving an original & insightful thesis. Bibliography lists 14 supporting sources.

Thornton Wilder's 'Our Town' / On Emily & Simon...

A 6 page paper in which the writer demonstrates how Wilder uses these two characters to illustrate the fact that people do not appreciate life as they're living it. Numerous examples are given to support this thesis. Bibliography lists 7 sources including the play itself.

The Life of Lily Bart / The Tragic Victim of Social Conventions

This 5 page paper argues the thesis that Lily Bart, the main character in Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth, once held a prominent position in New York's Victorian society, and subsequently loses her stature and her friends because of her circumstances. Lily Bart becomes a tragic victim of social conventions and is trapped by bad relationships and confining circumstances that correspond with Victorian values. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Less Than Zero vs. Bobbie Ann Mason's 'In Country'

A 4 page comparison between the 1980's era film 'Less than Zero' and Bobbie Ann Mason's book 'In Country.' The focus of the thesis/discussion is upon how characters in both stories were affected by 'wars' that ripped the socioeconomic status of their respective surroundings apart. While characters in each story were 'victims of circumstances,' the writer finds great difference in Less Than Zero's youths-- as they conceivably might have had more control over their situations. Several other key similarities and differences are cited. No Bibliography.

Van Gulik's 'Judge Dee At Work'

A 5 page argumentative essay proving the thesis that Judge Dee's woman-hate was an evolutionary process as evidenced in this translated detective series. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Silko's 'Ceremony' # 2

This 5 page paper is based on Leslie Marmon Silko's novel about Native American customs, Ceremony, with the thesis relating the ceremonial rituals with child development.

Humanitarian Aid Should Come from Governmental Sources

This 10 page paper provides an argument to support the thesis that aid to developing nations should come from the public, and not the private sector. Counterarguments are provided and refuted. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

John Stuart Mill on Lying

This 6 page thesis paper examines Mill's Utilitarianism with a focus on his definition of lying. Exceptions to lying are discussed. Other ideas are explored, inclusive of Kant's tough stance on the matter. No additional sources cited.

Shylock in the Merchant of Venice

All of us are prejudiced by our own time period. It has been thought that in our own time frame, Shakespeare's the Merchant of Venice is an anti-Semitic play. Thesis: This discussion will examine that the anti-Semitism as presented in the Merchant of Venice, contains an element of pro-Semitism that is not initially discerned. Bibliography includes 14 sources.

Differing Views on Politics and American Labor

10 pages. This paper looks at the differing views of American labor by two authors, Taylor E. Dark and Max Green. The differing theses of these men's works focus on the nature of the American political and governmental institutions that influence how organized labor attempts to exert influence on the public making process. Also noted is the way in which fragmentation and the concentration of power dictate how labor in the policy making process impact public policy. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Why America Was Never the Land of Opportunity

This 5 page paper argues that since its inception, America was never the land of opportunity as many believe. The racial divide is highlighted but the thesis that all are not equal is accentuated with a look at the Massachusetts Bay Colony. . Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Battles of Culloden and Crysler's Farm Compared

This 5 page paper provides an overview of the two battles and compares certain factors. The thesis that the victories of the British really went to the weaknesses of the opposing side is supported. The Battle of Culloden takes place in eighteenth century England and The Battle of Crysler's Farm in nineteenth century Canada. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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