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The Idea of a "Waste Land" According to Fitzgerald and Mason:

This 9 page paper discusses how Fitzgerald relayed the idea of a wasteland in "The Great Gatsby" and how Mason relayed the idea of a wasteland in "Shiloh". These two works, although very different, both reveal deficits in human character, thereby creating a "wasteland". Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Influence of John Locke on Modern British Politics

This 20 page paper considers the influence of John Locke on British politics. The paper begins with a brief biography in order to ascertain his opportunity to influence society of the time. The writer then considers the general influence of his ideas such as the social contract within modern British politics. The final part of the paper then examines the ideas of Locke in terms of the current situation of asylum seekers. The bibliography cites 17 sources.

Daisy In "The Great Gatsby": New Criticism

5 pages in length. New criticism takes an entirely different approach to the fundamental basis of literature. In assessing F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby under this application, one finds that the autotelic element is quite apparent throughout the story, with Daisy representing perhaps the most obvious attributes of new criticism through figurative language, contrast and comparison, cause-effect patterns and ideas or qualities that unify ideas and suggestions. No additional sources cited.

Ideas Within the Declaration of Independence

A 3 page paper which examines the ideas of the men of the revolution which is part of the ideas presented in the Declaration of Independence. No sources cited.

Crime According to Beccaria, Lombroso and Durkheim

This 4 page paper compares and contrasts these three theorists' ideas on criminology. Specific information on each theorist and their ideas is provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Life of Karl Marx

This 5 page paper looks at the life and ideas of Karl Marx. The paper provides some bibliographic information, but the focus of the paper is on the ideas of the theorist. The Communist Manifesto and Capital is discussed. Many of Marx's theories such as alienation, communism and historical materialism are included. How Marx perceived religion and philosophy--with references to Hegel-- is also part of the paper. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Emergence of Human Resource Management

This well written 14 page paper traces the development of human resource management. The paper begins with the work of Frederick Winslow Taylor and his development of scientific management based on the idea of economic man, and then looks to the emergence of the theory of social man with the studies of Mayo and Hertzberg. The paper then considers the way that the theories have been used, such as the development of TQM and other examples that support ideas of both economic and social man. The bibliographic cites 15 sources.

A Critique of Senge on Learning and Leadership

This 8 page paper looks at an article written by Peter Senge; ”The Leader’s New Work: Building Learning Organization” and the ideas in it concerning leadership and building a learning organization. The paper consider the strengths and weakness of his ideas and looks to other theories to find any support or contradictions and examines the role of leadership and how this fits with modern concepts of leadership. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Do Natural Rights Exist?

This paper examines the idea of natural rights and argues that the do exist and can be traced from the ideas of John Locke through to today’s society, manifesting in tools such as the International Bill of Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and in the UK the Human Rights Act. The bibliography cite 4 sources.


This 5 page paper explores the idea of vernacular English as opposed to standard use English through the poems of William Carlos Williams and Agard. Barbara Mellix's essay, From Outside, In and her ideas on language as identity are also included. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Ideas on Physical Education

A 3 page literature review on PE. Keeping high student interest and involvement is a goal of every teacher in regards to their subject matter. The following literature review explores the ideas presented in a variety of articles which demonstrate ideas for accomplishing this task in regards to Physical Education (PE). Exploration of these articles indicates that PE teachers and coaches are exploring new conceptual territory in regards to how PE programs and sports instruction should be designed and implemented. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


This 5 page paper takes the idea of a person's basic nature and shows how no amount of culture can change it. This idea is related to the main theme of the novel. Quotes given from the book and cited in MLA format. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Philosophical Themes Through the Ages

This 5 page paper suggests that ideas have not changed much over time. The works or ideas of Plato, Socrates, Kant, Hume and others are discussed in respect to common philosophical themes such as the existence of God and morality.Bibliography lists 6 sources.


This 5-page paper attempts to dispute the idea that war in England wasn't possible in 1640, but broke out two years later. This paper explores the reasons for the English Civil War, and points to the idea that religion and uncertainty over Parliamentarian rule helped drive the war on for more than two decades. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A Comparison of the Ideology of Karl Marx with the Ideas of the Brothers Grimm

This 5 page paper compares and contrasts ideas from the well known story writers with the infamous sociologist's communist model. Ideas concerning social stratification and family values are highlighted. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Enlightenment Versus Religious Thought

This 5 page paper looks at the ideas of Ben Franklin and other Enlightenment thinkers as well as ideas from extreme religious factions. Jonathan Edwards's fiery speech is examined Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Holocaust And Genocide

A 7 page paper. The first part discusses how the Judeo-Christian tradition influenced the Holocaust. The writer comments on Hitler’s reliance on Social Darwinism and Nietzsche for ideas and justification. The second part discusses genocide and reports Rubenstein’s ideas about the topic ending with the example of the Japanese colonization of Korea. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Role of the Citizen: A Look At William Hudson's Ideas

This 5 page paper examines the ideas of William Hudson and argues that democracy is really at work. Different ideas are explored. Bibliography lists 1 source.


This 5 page paper discusses the ideas of Rousseau and his work, The Social Contract. In particular the idea of representation, factionalism, popular sovereignty, common good, individualism, and the collective. Quotes given from the text and cited.Bibliography lists 1 source.

"Woman Warrior" and "Raise the Red Lantern"

A 5 page paper which analyzes the ideas presented in "Woman Warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston and then compares them with ideas presented in the film "Raise the Red Lantern." Bibliography lists 2 additional sources.

Three Assumptions Concerning Early Penitentiaries

This 3 page paper looks at three ideas regarding the use of penitentiaries at the end of the eighteenth century, focusing on Pennsylvania. The first concerns the influence of Quakers on prisoner treatment, the second consider the place of capital punishment as an unrectifiable punishment, and the final is the idea classifying prisoners. Each is considered briefly with the evidence outlined.

Songs of Timelessness - The Poetry of Walt Whitman

A 3-page paper that examines the transcendentalist ideas of infinity and timelessness that are conveyed through the works of Walt Whitman. Included is a discussion of Crossing Brooklyn Ferry and Song of Myself, both of which are included in Whitman's Leaves of Grass and both of which express the central idea of an ongoing cycle of life and death. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Clinton's Health Plan / Argument in Favor of...

A 5 page essay endorsing the thematic idea of Bill Clinton's health plan. The writer feels that plans such as the one proposed by Clinton during the mid-1990's can not be dejected simply because similar ideas have failed in other countries like Canada. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Using Group Investigation To Increase Hands-On Instruction

This 14 page research paper offers a brief overview of test scores in America, an explanation of group investigation, an advanced cooperative learning model that is founded on inquiry and problem solving. Three overviews of model lessons in the general area of biology and a short list of other ideas for using group investigation in the science classroom are listed. Ideas can be modified for any subject area. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Issues Concerning Needle Exchange Programs

4 pages in length. An argument in favor of needle exchange programs -- an inherently HIV- reducing idea that has proven itself to be effective in European countries and recently in the U.S. as well. The writer presents an overview of legal issues, public views, and concludes that the government should be more supportive of the idea-- but in the meantime, overpowering resistance would make most needle exchange programs fail miserably in the United States. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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