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Sample Communication

7 pages. This is a sample memo that can be used as a model for communication in the workplace. An outline is provided as well as discussion on how this sample could be made better, to whom it is directed and why, and the background information as to why the communication was written. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Research on Handgun Control

An 8 page research paper that focuses on the issue of hand gun control. The writer explores this topic and then offers a sample of how public opinion on this topic could be addressed through a sample research study. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A sample sales presentation

5 pages. This is a sample sales presentation for an anonymous company. Describes employee benefits as well as a plan applicable to any company in sales with a sample cost/budget analysis. Discussion includes how to build repeat customers and the successful management of a sales or marketing company. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Bank Analysis

A 10 page paper devoting 8 pages to analyzing differences in ROE and ROA between SunTrust Bank and an unidentified sample bank. The paper uses the DuPont Identity to identify the area in which the sample bank performs better than SunTrust based on the first half of 2005. The remaining portion of the paper forecasts sales of manufactured housing based on historic information. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Methodology for Research

This 9 page paper proposed a methodology for primary research studying the link between a dependant and an independent viable. The paper looks at the different options, proposes the use of questionnaires and looks at factors such as the choice of target sample, sample size and how bias may be avoided. The example used is a project to investigate the link between drugs and crime, but may be applied to other research questions. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

Dr. Zak’s Depression Test

A 3 page paper that responds to two questions about Dr. Zak’s depression test. The first question discusses sampling and the sampling method that was used. The second question discusses the administration of the test. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Statistics Questions

This 5 page paper answers a set of questions posed by the student looking at different types of errors in statistics and how they occur, the benefits of hiding the purpose of research from the sample and calculates a sample size. The bibliography cites 4 sources.


This 8-page paper answers general questions about business statistics. Topics include different types of sampling, differences between a population parameter and sample statistic and central tendency averages. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Establishing the Accounting System for a New Business

An 8 page paper providing a chart of accounts; sample income statement and balance sheet; sample general ledger entries; and an income statement and balance sheet with fictitious numbers for the new business. The business is a single-location gym and fitness center. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Designing Research; Why Do Music Users Download from Illegal Sources?

This 10 page paper shows how research can be designed. Using the example of a music company that wants find out what music users download tracks illegally so they can devise a marketing strategy to encourage legal downloads. The paper identifies the potential sample, considers what data should be collected and how the sample may be most effectively approached and how the information should be collected and presents an outline for a questionnaire. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

RNA Polymerase II Holoenzyme Protocol For Purification

A 10 page paper that discusses the protocol for purifying the holoenzyme and demonstrates a procedure, outlined by Koleske, Chao and Young for the purification of the holoenzyme in yeast samples. In order to provide the greatest efficacy in the purification process, this paper also outlines the sampling suggestions promoted by Koleske, Chao and Young. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

This 5 page paper provides an overview of the book, but focuses on characterization. A short sample review, and sample advertisement, are each included. No additional sources cited.

Publicity and the Media

This 6 page paper focuses on The First Birthing Center, a case study submitted by a student. How publicity negatively and positively affects the opening of this center is the focus of the paper. The paper includes a sample Op-Ed piece, a sample press released and a list of applicable local news resources. An example interview is also included. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Survey Method Questions

This 7 page paper answers a set of questions regarding survey methods and their relevant strengths in research. The paper starts by looking at the differences between surveys and census methods, probability and non probability sampling, stratified sampling critiques several different survey designs. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Power Analysis for the Assessment of a Correlation between Hedging and Airline Profitability

This 5 page paper looks at why and how primary research projects using quantitative research benefit from the use of power analysis in order to determine sample size. This is applied to the subject of fuel hedging for airlines and the sample size needed to assess any link between hedging and profitability. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Sampling Strategies and Research Design

This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of sampling strategies. Considerations such as sample size and probability design are explored. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Writing Sample: Personnel Situation.

(6 pp). Writing sample instructions: At a crucial step in the interview process, a writing sample including an example of my ability to solve business problems has been requested. This should be a real example of my experience. The problem may be in any area: personnel, finance, computers, accounting, marketing production. Use considerable detail.

Writing Sample: Personnel Situation.

(5 pp). Writing sample instructions: At a crucial step in the interview process, a writing sample including an example of my ability to solve business problems has been requested. This should be a real example of my experience. The problem may be in any area: personnel, finance, computers, accounting, marketing production. Use considerable detail.

Market Research for a New Line of Running Shoes

A 10 page paper discussing considerations for conducting meaningful and valid market research meant to assess the potential for a new line of athletic shoes. It proposes using a Likert scale questionnaire and selecting a sample population from among mall shoppers. This preliminary market research may or may not call for additional research. The possibility that additional research will be beneficial is great, and likely would need to encompass a larger and more varied sample population. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

Do Pure Play Internet Banks Create Value?

This 58 page paper looks at the way in which pure play internet banks, such as First Direct and Egg, may be able to create value. The paper presents a full dissertation style paper, with an introduction and objectives followed by an in-depth literature review. The literature review examines the role of the banks, examines the way that they compete and the importance and place of internet banking in the banking industry. The potential ways that pure play internet banks may add value studied from a theoretical perspective. After a section on methodology primary research using questionnaires is then simulated; assessing the perspective of internet banking using a sample made up of customers of the HBSC subsidiary; First Direct. The results are presented and then discussed. The bibliography cites 43 sources.

General Strain Theory/Extremist Attitudes

This 4 page paper analyzes Nivette, Eisner, and Ribeaud (2017), who examined the influence of collective strain among a diverse sample of Swiss adolescents, which focused on the manner in which strain affected their support of violent extremism. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Gospel Music's Healing Power

This 48 page paper offers a dissertation that entails a comprehensive overview of gospel music as a counseling tool. Bibliography lists 30 sources.

The Influence of Performance Appraisal on Organizational Commitment - Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology

This 31 page paper is the introduction, literature review and methodology section of a dissertation to examine the impact of performance appraisals on an employee's commitment to their organization. The literature review includes an examination of the concept of organizational commitment, how commitment may be gained and measured as well as different types of appraisals and how they impact on employees. The methodology proposed a mixed methodology approach, using quantitative and qualitative research. The bibliography cites 33 sources.

Introduction a Methodology for a Research Project Examining the Implementation of TQM in Nigerian Firms

This 16 page paper is the first part of a dissertation to examine the barriers and challenges for implementing TQM in Nigerian firms. The introduction provide information about TQM and the project aims and objectives, along with justification for the research. The second section is the methodology, proposes the use of qualitative research with a case study approach. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

The Influence Of Performance Appraisal On Organizational Commitment

This 66 page paper is a full length dissertation style paper with the aim of assessing whether or not there is a relationship between employees organizational commitment and performance appraisals. The paper includes an introduction, literature review, research methodology, simulated results and a discussion on the findings. The bibliography cites 34 sources.

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