Research Database

Research for a Charity

This 12 page paper shows the student how to design a questionnaire to assess how and why employees at a company support charitable work and the types of charity they support. A sample questionnaire is provided and fictitious results are analysed to demonstrate a simple analysis. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

Complaint Letter To Big Box Discounter

3 pages in length. The writer composes a sample complaint letter to the CEO of Big Box Discounters informing him that no action has been taken for a defective television and listing the demands for rectifying the situation. No bibliography.


This 3 page paper is a sample policy argument against the privatization of baggage screening in airports. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Schizophrenia and Weight Gain

An 8 page research paper that includes a sample abstract, in which the writer aids a student in writing a research utilization proposal that addresses the problem of weight gain among schizophrenic patient who gain weight to a side effect of psychoactive medication. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Aveyard/Believing and Doubting

A 3 page summation and analysis of a qualitative study that investigated the manner in which a study sample of nurses reported how they typically conducted obtaining patient consent for care procedures. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Appellate Brief for Case Study (Wrongful Birth)

This 10 page paper is a sample appellate brief based on a fictitious California case study. The case involves a wrongful birth claim involving a woman who gave birth to a Down Syndrome child. Notations are included in Bluebook style. No bibliography .


This 4-page paper is a sample essay discussing whether an administrative state would be a threat to democracy. The paper contends that no, both can work together, because there is no such thing as a pure democracy.


This 4-page paper is a sample essay, discussing if the educational training for a public administration manager can be handled through an MBA program. The paper contends that no, MBAs and MPAs teach two different aspects of management, and if an MPA were abolished, students would have no idea how to work in public sector agencies.

Article Review: Depression And Delinquency

A 5 page paper that reports and discusses an article: Adolescent Girls: The Role of Depression in the Development of Delinquency by Obeidallah and Earls. The essay reports some background regarding the research, methodology, sample size, and conclusions. The essay also comments on the research design itself. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Music As Sedation for Children

A 3 page research paper that summarizes the effect of music in a study conducted by Loewy, et al (2006), which utilized a sample group of 60 pediatric patients who ranged in age from 1 month through 5 years in order to compare the effects of chloral hydrate to music therapy in regards to sedating children while they underwent EEG testing. This study showed music therapy to be a safer and more efficient means of sedation for young children undergoing diagnostic testing. No additional sources cited.

Lareau: “Unequal Childhoods”

This 4 page paper discusses Annette Lareau’s book “Unequal Childhoods” and argues that although it is compelling, it also has some flaws, especially the fact that her sample is very small. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 27-page paper presents a sample manual for a facilitator teaching a course on how to retire (baby boomer). Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 3-page paper provides a sample memo directed to interns at an international company on how to work with labor in other countries. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Review of a Research Article

This 5 page paper is based on an unidentified article provided by the student. The writer reviews the way the research has been undertaken, defines the dependant and the independent variables, the sampling method that may have been used and the validity of the research. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

Reflections: Exercise in Conscious Living

In five pages this paper sample features a conscious living exercise in which the writer takes the time to reflect on all aspects of one’s life in order to acquire a deeper meaning with the assistance of Duane Elgin and Arnold Mitchell’s two part article on ‘Voluntary Simplicity’ and Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh’s lecture on the discovery of one’s own refuge. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

Knowledge Management at Molnlycke Health Care

This 19 page paper is a proposal to develop knowledge management at a medical equipment company, including a sample cover letter. The paper examines the concept of knowledge management looking at what it is and how it can add value, and then examines the company, what it does and the way it competes and along with the existing level of knowledge management. Based on these two sections a strategy to increase the use of knowledge management is proposed. The bibliography cites 18 sources.

Globalization and the Nation-State

An 8 page research paper that discusses the relationship between globalization and the nation-state. This examination of a sampling of this literature and positions that are represented indicates that opinions are widely divergent on this topic, but—in general— scholars agree that the context and understanding of the nation-state is evolving. However, how to interpret and understand this evolution remains a matter of considerable debate and the writer comments. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


This 3-page paper is a sample memo dealing with income recognition for a fictitious company called Caltron. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 3-page paper provides a sample essay of how to prepare for disaster. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Statistics Questions and Calculations, #2

A 7 page paper discussing six questions in elementary concepts in statistics, particularly those useful in empirical studies. Questions include the topics of frequency table and distribution; finding items of descriptive statistics such as median and standard deviation; the null hypothesis; statistical significance; and sample size required to achieve statistically significant results. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Education Research: Reading Levels

A 3 page paper using reading level scores of two samples of 10 students each to determine t test results of comparing the two groups. The purpose of the paper is to describe a problem in education that can be statistically analyzed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A Case Study in Database Management

This 5 page paper uses a case study submitted by a student as a springboard for discussion. The case study involves a firm that utilizes various software programs with a UNIX and LINUX based administration. A sample memorandum is created to inform staff as to necessary changes and problems at this fictitious firm. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Efficacy of Tutoring Programs & Math

A 10 page research paper that offers a template to a student researcher on how to go about conducting a proposed research study that examines the effect of 2 types of tutoring programs, peer-tutoring and a math content master lab, on academic achievement using a sample group of African American special education students within inclusive classrooms. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Nursing Career Plans & Goals

A 4 page sample entrance essay for a student applying to a master’s degree program in nursing. No bibliography is provided.

Statistical Testing

This 5 page paper shows the student had to answer some statistical questions. Questions are answered using t-test in order to compare means of samples; independent and paired. The use of the p statistic in determining probability is also demonstrated. The paper also presents a bell curve to explain the way that they statistical tests were carried out to compare the means. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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