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Public Administration & Private Administration / A Comparison

In 6 pages, the author compares public administration and private (business) administration. Public administration and private administration share many similarities as well as differences. When one thinks of public administration, the government comes to mind, because it is the largest public administration. When one thinks of private administration, one thinks of a church or some other kind of private organization. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Essay on Public Administration

10 pages. This is a research essay on public administration and it looks at four scholarly articles that relate to public administration and policy. Topics focus on such things as the historical cycles of centralization and decentralization, whether or not compact cities are more desirable, performance measures in public organizations and the search for models of management. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Ethics and Accountability in Public Administration

An 8 page paper discussing ethics and accountability in public administration. Ethics and accountability are two principles that "everyone" affected by public administration wants their public administrators to operate by, yet strangely enough both seem to be difficult to define. Operating from the perspective of a good steward of public resources ensures that public administration operates within the understanding of a strong ethical foundation, and that those serving are fully accountable to those trusting their service. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Public Administration

A 3 page paper. Public Administration has suffered from at least one weakness. There is no accepted theory regarding it and that means it cannot be clearly defined. This essay reports the three approaches that are used to discuss and research public administration as outlined in one chapter of a book on the subject. This provides strength to the field of public administration. Bibliography lists 1 source.


Approximately 5 pages containing five short essays relevant to public administration. Topics discussed include : bureaucracies, Rourke's views on contemporary politics, Federalism, administrative accountability, and the paradigms of public administration. No bibliography available.

Public Administration In America

This 14 page paper begins with an explanation of what public administration is and then provides a history public administration in America beginning with Woodrow Wilson's article, "The Study of Administration," published in 1887. Wilson wanted to make a clear distinction between administration and politics and had a number of followers. This essay traces the evolution of public administration from that time to the present, including the conflicts and controversies. The writer then discuses the evolution of three specializations in the field: federalism and intergovernmental relations; civil servants and human resource management; and public budgeting and finance. This essay concludes with possible trends in some areas of public administration. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

An Holistic Approach to Public Management

This 7 page paper considers public management and explain how it is a jigsaw of may pieces and can be seen as a including the need for understanding a wide range of subjects such as human resource management in public organisations, organisational theory in public administration, policy formation, managing public funds, intergovernmental relations, ethics and decision making in public management, administrative law, comparative public administration, managing groups and coalitions, statistics and organisational research and research in human services. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Studies in Public Administration

This 4 page paper compares two books about public administration: Richard J. Stillman's "Public Administration Concepts and Cases" and Jos C.N. Raadschelders's "Government: A Public Administration Perspective." Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Managerial Approach to Public Administration

A 3 page paper discussing a specific approach to public administration. Within the paramount paradigm regarding public administration research is the cognitive approach subparadigm that contains several other categories. These include the political, managerial, judicial, ethical, integrated/comprehensive and historical approaches to public administration. The purpose here is to trace the evolution of the managerial approach. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Public Administration

This 3 page essay aids a student in reflecting on a quote from N. Henry's text Public Administration and Public Affairs, which describes the contemporary state of public administration. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Public Administration

This 3 page paper discusses the reasons pursuing a master's degree in public administration. The writer comments on the changes in public administration, the new demands of the public and some of the many skills the public administrator must have. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Diversity in Public Management in Ghana

A 3 page paper discussing increasing gender diversity in Ghana’s public administration. The problem to be addressed here is that of promoting gender diversity in public administration in Ghana. The primary focus is to determine how the government of Ghana can encourage women to strive to reach government’s highest levels. Toward this end, the paper includes a nine-item questionnaire intended to be presented to those already active in the upper levels of Ghana’s public management. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Public Administration Questions

An 11 page research paper that addresses three questions on various topics, which are: analysis of Woodrow Wilson's arguments in favor of studying public administration; the role of the public manager; and the ideal-type bureaucracy model of Max Weber. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Public and Private Goods and Services

This is a 10 page paper that provides an overview of public administration. Structural differences in the administration of public and private goods are examined. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Welfare Reform in New Jersey

In 5 pages the author discusses welfare reform in New Jersey. There are many current public administration topics in the state of New Jersey. One that stands out, which as been a topic for quite some time is that of Welfare Reform. The reason for the prominence of the program is that welfare reform seems to promote abortions because it does not pay from additional pregnancies for welfare recipients. Free outline included. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Politics/Administrative Dichotomy

5 pages in length. A major approach to the study of American public administration concerns the notion of the politics/administrative dichotomy, the key components of which consist of the desire to maintain political and administrative representatives as separate entities. Followed back to a popular 1920-1940 trend in public administration known as scientific management, the politics/administrative dichotomy was set in motion as a means by which to bring back a positive and beneficial feel to politics. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Public Administration

6 pages. This essay relates to municipal administration as based on articles in scholarly journals. This critical analysis of administrative tactics and policies as based on the articles will help the student to assess the necessary requirements for successful public administration techniques in such things as urban management and public policy. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Public Administration: Coordination Problems

4 pages in length. Kettl and Fesler (2005) openly document one of the most significant problems plaguing contemporary public administration: The undeniable lack of coordination between and among agencies. That the authors contend such coordination is often characterized as the "philosopher's stone" of an effective public administration speaks to the very essence of what is missing from today's agencies whose primary focus is to alleviate crises, not add to them. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Public Administration Leadership

A 17 page paper. The purpose of this paper was to examine aspects of public administration. The report describes four leadership styles that public administrators could adopt and behaviors that are related to each style, putting theory into practice. A specific style is recommended for public administrators with justification, and the relationship between the leader and organizational culture is explained. Abstract included. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

Public Policy Formation and Implementation: The Role of Public Interest Groups in Healthcare and Immigration Policy

A 6 page discussion of the factors influencing public policy. Centers on federal policy formation and implementation providing specific examples from healthcare and immigration. Emphasizes that while a number of players are involved in public policy, from the Presidential administration to political parties and the individual voter, it is public interest groups which have the most impact on the public policy cycle. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Public Administration/History & Recreation

A 12 page research paper that addresses two topics. The first half of the paper is a brief history of policy in public administration from Woodrow Wilson's essay in 1887 to the 1990s. The second half of the paper is a "memo" to a county Board of Supervisors concerning formulating a plan to address the county's recreational needs for the next two decades. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The FCC and the First Amendment: Regulation of the Airwaves

This 20 page paper outlines a dissertation based on the hypothesis that the regulation of radio and television is not serving the greater public good and is unnecessary restriction of free speech based on a public interest standard. This paper also outlines the primary reasoning behind FCC regulations and the distinction made between freedom of speech claims and the arguments that exist for this type of regulation. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Public Management: Book Overviews

This 32 page paper summarizes a total of 14 chapters in two books about public administration: The Enduring Challenges in Public Management and New Paradigms for Government. Topics include but are not limited to: the perception of incompetence; The Role of information Systems in Supporting TQM; Benefits and Costs of Conventional Management Practices; Improving Performance Measurement; Strategies for Public Sector Modernization; The Public Productivity Challenge; Implications of Contracting Out; Revitalizing Employee Ties with Public Organizations; plus more. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Evolution of Public Administration

An 8 page overview of the form of public administration from Plato’s observations to the advent of e-government. Public administration has been accused in the past of being anything but responsive to citizens, but the current shift to e-government heightens transparency and accountability. Further, the current climate of partnership between governments and the citizenry provides governments with more accurate knowledge of what the citizens want and expect from their public administrators. The result is a more positive result not only for the public, but for public administrators as well. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Public Health/Then & Now

A 4 page research paper that encompasses 2 topics. The first topic is on Lillian Wald and Mary Brewster and how they introduced public health nursing in the U.S. during the early twentieth century (roughly 2 pages). The second topic addresses the Public Health Association of New York City, offering an overview (roughly 2 pages). Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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