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"The Viking Art of War":

This 5 page paper presents a summary of each chapter of this book. These summaries highlight the important points of each chapter and thereby focus on the main theses of the book. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Human Limitation in Metamorphosis and A Doll's House

This 5 page paper compares and contrasts Kafka's Metamorphosis with Ibsen's A Doll's House. The thesis of this paper is that although the plots differ, both have underlying themes of human limitation. No additional sources cited.

A Comparison of Shakespeare and Keats

This 5 page paper supports the thesis that Keats had attempted to use Shakespeare's techniques but could not master them. Shakespeare's "Sonnet 73" and Keats' s "On first looking into Chapman's Homer" are used as examples. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Garden

This 5 page paper provides an analysis of this poem by Andrew Marvell. The poem is discussed and the final stanza explicated. This paper provides support for the thesis that The Garden reveals man is capable of experiencing oneness with God through nature on Earth. No other sources cited.

Do They Hear You When You Cry By Kassindja & Bashir

This 3 page paper discusses Kassindja and Bashir's book, Do They Hear You When You Cry, the true account of Kassindja's plight to escape Female genital mutilation in Togo, Africa. The writer's thesis is that strangers will come forward to help an individual who is experiencing injustice and brutality. The writer also reports how this case changed refugee laws in the U.S. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


This 4 page paper discusses why Robert Bellah's thesis in Habits of the Heart are not applicable in today's society and that his claims are biased and faulty. Examples given. Bibliography lists 1 source.

In Support of Gay Marriage

A 7 page argumentative paper which, using Baker’s (pro/con) model, articulates a thesis in favor of gay marriage. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Northrop's Essay on Globalization and the Great Convergence

This 3 page paper looks at an essay by Colin Northrop and answers three questions. The first defines the thesis of the essay. The second part of the paper examines the construction of the paper and the arguments and the third part of the paper considers the sources used by Northrop. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

Why U.S. Policy Can Deter Terrorists

This 15 page paper expands on a thesis submitted by a student as it respects terrorism. Deterrence theory is examined along with U.S. foreign policy. Recommendations are made. Are terrorists rational actors? This is an important point in the context of this paper. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

The Plight of Arab Women

This 4 page paper supports a student's thesis that women in the Arab world want change. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Existentialism and Experiential Knowledge

This 7 page paper examines existentialism. A thesis aligning the concept with experience is proposed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Outline for Paper on Jackson’s “The Lottery”

A 2 page outline (not a full discussion) of a proposed paper that would stress the irony in this short story. The proposed thesis is that the irony in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” is that a barbaric practice is accepted as necessary simply because it is ancient and has always been practiced; and therefore, it is never scrutinized or evaluated, but simply blindly carried out each year. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Military Offenses in Populated Areas

A 3 page paper arguing the thesis statement, “Over the years, it has become obvious that the U.S. Army’s use of tactical artillery and smart bombs in city combat saves lives.” The paper uses examples of Hue, Vietnam and Baghdad in both the Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Most Genius Person of the 20th Century:

This 3 page paper examines the contributions of Albert Einstein and determines that he was the most genius iindividual of the 20th century, and that his discoveries contributed signficantly to western culture. This paper highlights his major theories and discoveries as means of supporting the thesis. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Thesis and Purpose: Get Out of Iraq Now!

This 5 page paper presents a thesis and supports it: the U.S. should get out of Iraq now. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Uniform and Adaptive Strategies in International Business; Which is Best?

It has been argued that the adoption of a uniform strategy across the globe enables a company to benefit from a range of potential synergies that can provide it with competitive advantages. Others, however, have argued that adapting strategy to fit idiosyncratic national market characteristics is key to a company’s success in theses markets. This 14 page paper looks at each of these perspectives to consider which, is any, is the correct perspective. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

Media's Responsibility for the Obesity Epidemic

This 3 page paper examinees the thesis submitted by a student that "food advertising has a negative influence on children and what they eat." Whether or not obesity and overeating is a moral issue is carefully examined. It is suggested that media should take some responsibility for the problem. Bibliography lists 1 source.

The Deleterious Effects of Computer Gambling

This 5 page paper addresses this compelling issue. Gambling addiction is only one reason considered to support a thesis opposing Internet gaming. The paper concludes that Internet gambling sets people up to lose money and should be illegal in all states. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Authorship of the Book of Revelations:

This 3 page paper asserts that John was the author of the biblical book of Revelations. This paper is based upon a variety of evidence to support this thesis. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 7-page paper focuses on a review of the book "The East Asian Challenge for Human Rights." The paper examines whether the book supports the thesis, and if the book sheds any further light on the issue.


This 5-page paper supports the thesis that the United States military should not be used as the world's global police force. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Susan Glaspell/Trifles

An 8 page research paper/essay that analyzes Susan Glasgpell's major thesis in her 1916 play "Trifles," which tells how two women discern the motive and circumstances between a murder and hide evidence that would have implicated the man's wife because they can see that the woman was abused. The writer argues that Glaspell's main point is that the women constitute a jury of "peers" and have the background to judge the woman's conduct accurately while the men in the play do not. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Implications for Difference: The Language of Men and Women

This 8 page paper posits that men and women speak a different language. Based on gender and language studies, the author seeks to prove the thesis by looking at studies by Elisabeth Kuhn, Deborah Tannen, Roberta Hall, and anthropologists from earlier years like Ember and Ember. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Justifying a Writing Workshop in the Workplace for Improved Communication

This 7 page report serves as a persuasive academic essay in which the issue of poorly written communication in the workplace is discussed. The thesis is that offering employees writing workshops will improve the skills needed to represent a higher level of professionalism within the company. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Colombia drug cartel

An annotated bibliography of sources for a thesis on the Colombia drugs cartels, with reference to US foreign policy and international law. Bibliography lists 7 sources

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