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Brooklyn's Lower Class as Depicted in Selby's Last Exit to Brooklyn

This 6 page paper provides quotes and an analysis of three characters in this thesis paper that focuses on social stratification. Selby's portrayal is discussed in depth.

Anorexia: A Lifestyle Choice

A 12 page overview of abnormal eating behaviors and their potential causes. This paper presents the thesis that anorexia is not a disease caused by images in media but rather a lifestyle choice made by people on a personal level. Bibliography lists 12 sources.


This 4-page paper focuses on an argumentative essay that proves that children of divorce aren't necessarily impacted by the divorce itself -- but rather, the type of divorce it is. The essay presents pro and con arguments, as well as a thesis statement. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Why the Mac Operating System is Best

This 3 page paper compares the Mac operating system with Windows and presents a great deal of information to support the thesis that the Mac is better. Comparisons are made in terms of graphics, availability of software and many other aspects of computing. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Organizational Structure and Business Performance

Organizational Structure and Business Performance: A 3-page introduction and conclusion to a much larger paper examining the effects of an appropriate organizational structure on the bottom line. The sections presented here underscore the thesis statement, “Company structure clarifies roles, responsibilities and decision making so we can deliver outstanding performance across our business.” Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 10 page paper discusses the work of Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own. Quotes cited from text to support thesis. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

German Companies Doing Business in Post Communist Bulgaria

A 10 page overview of the many factors influencing the decision of German companies to relocate to Bulgaria. The thesis that German companies may avoid the disadvantages of Globalization by moving operations to Bulgaria is explored. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


This 3 page paper gives an indepth analysis of William Blake's perception and definition of evil. Poems used to support the thesis include: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, The Lamb, and Garden of Love. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Turkle & Cyberspace/article analysis

A 3 page article analysis. The writer examines an article by Sherry Turkle entitled "Cyberspace and Identity," which was originally published in Contemporary Sociology (November, 1999). The writer summarizes the author's main points and then offers personal observation as to the author's effectiveness and thesis. No bibliography offered.

Sexual Harassment Policies are Written to Favor Women

This 3 page paper supports the thesis that sexual harassment policies are written against men. Several concrete examples are provided. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Factors of Intelligence:

This 3 page paper examines both the least important and most important factors that determine intelligence. This paper provides examples to highlight its thesis. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 3 page paper discusses the concept of Paul Tillich's book, The Courage to Be. Examples from literature are used to evidence the thesis. Bibliograpy lists 2 sources.

Critical Analysis of Jessie L. Thompson’s Article, “A Visit from Pancho”

A 3 page paper which examines the article from the perspective of U.S. history and considers a three-point thesis as to whether or not the author succeeded in making her points historically valid. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Gabriel's Spiritual Revelation in Joyce's The Dead

This 5 page paper examines James Joyce's short story The Dead. Many quotes are included. This thesis paper includes an outline. The primary source is the only one used.

Was 9/11 an Example of Huntington's Theory?

This 4 page paper considers Huntington's theory and takes as its thesis that the September 11 attack is not a good example of Huntington's thinking. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Movie Experience

This 3 page paper examines film viewing and argues it is better to go to the theater than wait until it comes out on DVD. Three reasons are given to support the thesis. No bibliography.

Michael Wood: "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great"

This 4 page paper examines Woods' book, and argues that the author proves his thesis, which is that his journey has added new information to our knowledge of Alexander. Bibliography lists 3 source.

Why Samuel P. Huntington's Paradigm is Accurate

This 3 page paper examines Samuel P. Huntington's thesis and responses to it. This paper supports the author's ideas. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Category Management

A 20 page paper providing chapters 1 and 2 of an MBA thesis discussing category management from the retailer's perspective and hypothesizing that its use leads to greater customer satisfaction. Chapter 1 is the introduction and provides background on category management, its uses, history and development. Chapter 2 is the literature review for the project. Bibliography lists 31 sources.

The Evolution of Equality

A 4 page discussion of the progress that has been made in achieving true equality in the U.S. The thesis is presented that "our commitment to political equality exists alongside deep and persistent social inequalities, in particular inequalities of gender, race, and class". Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Impact Of Global Warming On Species

An 11 page paper that begins with a thesis statement. The theme of the essay is whether or not species can adapt and evolve as global warming continues or if they will become extinct. The essay offers a brief introduction into attempts to change conditions, e.g., the Kyoto Protocol. It then discusses research that has been reported regarding the adaptation or lack thereof of several individual species. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

Wiencek/On George Washington

A 9 page book review that reports on Henry Wiencek's An Imperfect God, which is a biography of George Washington that offers a different view of this Founding Father, as Wiencek concentrates on Washington's role as a slaveholder. Drawing heavily on critical analysis of this text authored by historian Peter Henriques, the writer presents an argument that rejects Wiencek's overarching thesis, which is that Washington underwent an epiphany which caused him to reject slavery and free his slaves, is not supported by the evidence offered. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This tutorial paper examines three elements of symbolism in Lord of the Flies, including Piggy's glasses, the conch shell and the fire. The paper examines the thesis that these symbols help the plot move along, and are, in some ways, more representative of the occurrances on the island then the activities of the boys.

It Takes Charisma to be a Truly Powerful Leader in Today's World

This 7 page paper supports the thesis as stated by its title. Definitions of leadership are explored and different types of leadership are discussed. Many examples of charismatic leadership are provided. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Lying is Never Justifiable

This 5 page paper supports the thesis, demonstrated by a variety of philosophers, that it is never justifiable to lie. A hypothetical case study involving child molestation is provided to evaluate whether or not lying is ethical in certain situations. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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