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Video Gaming and its Effect on Gender Identity

This 16 page paper takes a look at media's effect on gender roles. Video games are the focus as they tend to categorize women into two groups. The thesis of this paper is that messages provided by video games affect behavior of males and females and is especially dangerous for young women. Specific video games and characters are provided as examples to support the thesis. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Reapers by Jean Toomer (An Explication)

This 5 page paper presents the thesis that in Reapers, Jean Toomer uses diction, tone and imagery to produce emotional effects and meanings. Support is provided for the thesis and alternate interpretations are explored. No additional sources cited.

Book Summary of Daniel J. Levinson’s The Seasons of a Man’s Life

In four pages this book summary identifies the text’s major thesis and discusses various points the author uses to develop his thesis, with examples provided. There are no other sources listed in the bibliography.


This paper examines the thesis that the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are documents of unfulfilled promises. The thesis is supported by Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall's remarks about the Constitution in 1987. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This paper supports the thesis that during the period of segregation in the United States, Black people were forced to live under laws in which they had no say. This paper uses articles to prove the thesis through example. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

"The Clerk's Tale" as a "Traffic in Women"

A 10 page essay that analyzes the thesis proposed by anthropologist Gayle Rubin in her landmark 1975 article "The Traffic in Women: Notes on the Political Economy of Sex" that women in primitive cultures are viewed as objects for exchange between men and compares this thesis to the narrative related in "The Clerk's Tale," from Chaucer's medieval masterpiece, "The Canterbury Tales." Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Cheever's The Swimmer

This 4 page paper analyzes the short story and provides a thesis. The thesis that denial is central to this work is explored. Alternate interpretations are also provided. No additional sources cited.

Should Tenure Continue?

An 8 page research paper that examines the thesis question of “Should tenure for educators continue?” The writer summarizes arguments both pro and con, as well as those voices that argue that tenure policies should be reformed. The final page of the paper is devoted to a “thesis question page” that sums up the major positions. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

Video Gaming and its Effect on Gender Identity

This 16 page paper takes a look at media's effect on gender roles. Video games are the focus as they tend to categorize women into two groups. The thesis of this paper is that messages provided by video games affect behavior of males and females and is especially dangerous for young women. Specific video games and characters are provided as examples to support the thesis. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Fatigue: Work Week Restrictions for Medical Residents

A 3 page investigation of the relationship between the number of hours a resident is expected to work and his or her performance. The thesis statement that: "medical resident overload has the potential to significantly impact patient well being" is presented and the literature is examined to explore this thesis. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The City as Shaper of Social Reality

A 5 page research paper that, first of all, presents the principal thesis of Rappaport's Shopping for Pleasure (2000), and then compares it with Schwartz's thesis in Spectacular Realities (1998), arguing that the two approaches are quite similar. The writer feels that both authors argue that the structure of urban life (in London and Paris, respectively) changed urban sensibilities in the late nineteenth century, focusing primarily on Schwartz's work. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Mastering the Master Budget - A Management Accounting Analysis

A 25-page paper that presents an overview of the master budget along with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages involved in its use. Also included is a discussion of the changing world of management accounting and the direction it is predicted to take over the next few years. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

Rococo Style

The Rococo period of the early eighteenth century is generally associated with opulence and frivolity. It is often passed over as 'the period between the baroque and the Modern'. It is seldom given it's rightful place in history as a productive era of great masters in all of the arts. It was the era of Tchaikovsky and the vaulted music of this master matches the atmosphere of the era. This 13 page paper argues that embellishments of the Rococo style were added to existing structures in order to give a sense of ownership to the past and to render a feeling of hope for the future. To say that the Rococo style was 'frivolous' is to do deep disservice to those who lived during the period and to discount the importance of their daily lives in the context of history. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Nigerian Independence

African nations have had an interesting, colorful and often chaotic history since obtaining independence from their colonial 'masters'. Nigeria is certainly no exception. This 11 page paper provides an overview of the factors that influenced Nigeria's social and political history. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Frederick Douglass/His Narrative & Violence

A 6 page essay that examines Douglass' autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, in regards to how violence against slaves affected both the lives of the slaves and their white masters. The writer also explores how violence was gendered in slavery and sexually related. No additional sources cited.

Post-Colonialism in the Caribbean as Viewed Through Literature

An 8 page overview of the horrors of European colonization in the Caribbean and how many aspects of this colonization translate over into the post-Colonial experience. Utilizes George William Lamming's "In the Castle of My Skin" and Edwidge Danticat's "The Farming of Bones" to explore issues relating to migration, slavery, suppression, resistance, representation, difference, race, gender, place, and responses to the influential master discourses of imperial Europe such as history, philosophy and linguistics, and the fundamental experiences of speaking and writing by which all these come into being. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Old Age as Depicted in Shakespeare's "King Lear" and Rembrandt's Self Portrait

A 5 page observation that old age is a subject which can be presented quite differently by different forms of art and artists. While the graphic arts have the capability of best illustrating the physical effects of old age, literature can be contended to best represent the spiritual and social effects of old age. Perhaps the best contrast of this difference in presentation can be found in the work of two of the greatest artists of all time, Rembrandt and Shakespeare. While Rembrandt was a indisputable master of the canvas and brush, Shakespeare was a master of the pen. Two of their most obvious depictions of old age which can serve as a point of comparison are Shakespeare's "King Lear" and Rembrandt's self portrait during the latter years of his life.

Nietzsche's 'The Genealogy Of Morals'

This 5 page paper analyzes the slave/master paradigm as contained in the first essay of this work. A discussion of how it relates to various relationships throughout history is included. No additional sources cited.

Master of Suspense: Alfred Hitchcock

6 pages. Alfred Hitchcock has long been regarded as the master of suspense. What is it that makes his movies endure for decades, while others seem to slip into obscurity? This paper will delve into the magic and determination behind the man and his art, that of producing psychological thrillers that set the standard for the genre of suspense in movies. It is the suspensefulness that typifies a Hitchcock film, and one knows that this master did not need the obligatory blood and violence of today's films to produce the same emotional tenseness that still carries on today. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Edmund Spencer/Sonnet 75 from Amoretti

A 5 page essay that analyzes sixteenth century Edmund Spencer's "Sonnet 75" from Amoretti. The writer does a line by line interpretation that also considers the poetic devices utilized by this master of poetry. No additional sources cited.

Master Planning: The Role It Plays In Community Fire Prevention

6 pages in length. There was a time when small rural communities dominated the landscape, with individual houses dotted all throughout the inside and outskirts of town. Because each dwelling was significantly distanced from all others, it was a somewhat difficult chore to attend to issues of fire, particularly in relation to water supply, water pressure, fire hydrants and emergency equipment accessibility. As master planned communities came into existence, the notion of fire prevention quickly took a turn for the better, inasmuch as these housing developments provided a means by which such issues could be adequately addressed. The writer discusses how master planned communities help in fire prevention. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Rubens' Influence on Van Dyck

During the period known as the High Renaissance, the ideal in painting was based on the ability of the artist to use the newly developed techniques of perspective to add realism to their depiction's. One of the artists who helped define the Renaissance was Peter Paul Rubens. The tradition of European art passed down from the High Renaissance in Italy through old masters such as Veronese and Rubens has as it's mainstay the so-called grand manner. Among the masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods who subscribed to the grand manner were Rembrandt, Goya, Whistler, Michelangelo, Velazquez, Titian, Caravaggio, Rubens and Anthony Van Dyck. This 5 page paper explores the similarities between Rubens and his apprentice, Van Dyck, primarily through the auspices granted by the understanding of the grand manner style - in addition to other aspects. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Tempest / Treatment Of Ariel And Caliban By Prospero

A 5 page argumentative essay on the treatment of Prospero's two servants. The paper posits that he treats the two slaves in a similar fashion, but from two different perspectives, and that the initiation of this storyline is a silkscreen for the end of the story and epilogue. The writer proves that this was Shakespeare's way of characterizing the friends and foes of a master of art. No additional sources cited.

Gayl Jones' 'Corregidora'

5 pages in length. Humanity can be a cruel and detestable entity. No one is more aware of that fact than Ursa, a blues singer whose own family's sordid past consumes her with a hatred so deep, she carries it with her throughout her life. Portrayed as a nineteenth-century slave master who impregnates both Ursa's mother and grandmother, the slave master father holds a particular place of contempt in her heart, for it is because of the brutal way in which black women are treated during that era that sets Ursa on her lifelong journey of repugnance. The writer offers a critical analysis of Gayl Jones' classic novel. No additional sources cited.

Project Management Programs - Comparison

A 12 page paper. Project management is an important field in both the public and private sectors. This importance is evidenced by the fact that there are so many college/university programs specifically for project management. With an emphasis on the United Kingdom, more than 8 programs for masters degrees or certificates in project management are described. These include three in the U.S. and the rest either Online or in the UK. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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