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Learning By Doing/2 Concepts

This 3 page paper discusses the Learning-by-Doing approach to education, and focuses specifically on the concepts of Design Thinkers and Interest Driven Learning. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Annotated Readings

This 3 page paper offers summaries of four readings pertaining to the topic education and adult learners. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Literature Review/Adult Diverse Learners

This. 11 page literature review address issues in Adult Education and are relevant to the field of culturally diverse adult learners. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Culturally Diverse Adult Learners

This 4 page paper pertains to a literature review on nontraditional culturally and ethnically diverse adult learners and the rolde in higher education, their needs and the challenges they face. A brief outline is provided. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Higher Education In California

This 5 page paper begins with an explanation of the Higher Education Reauthorization Act. The paper comments on the California Master Plan for higher education, which was written in 1960. The writer identifies the components in the reauthorization that will help students attending higher education institutions in California. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

School Sex Education Stand On Sexual Orientation

This six-page-paper discusses whether or not sexual orientation should or should not be part of the sex education curriculum in our nation's schools. It opens with a definition of sexual orientation and outlines what is currently being taught in sex education. It then discusses the many reasons sexual orientation should be part of the overall sex education curriculum. Bibliography lists seven sources.

Parental Involvement in Education -- Journal Articles Review

This 16 page report discusses recent research conducted regarding the issue of parental involvement in their children’s education. According to the U.S. Department of Education (1997), “research over the past thirty years has consistently shown that greater family involvement in children's learning is a critical link to achieving a high-quality education and a safe, disciplined learning environment for every student.” Bibliography lists 15 sources.

The Influence of Religion on American Education

(5 pp.) When we try to break down the influence of religion on American education, it would almost seem easier to try and determine those times that religion did not have an influence on the education system in the United States. This discussion will look at historical influences of religion on American education, and project some possible reconsiderations. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Teenage Pregnancy/The Need for Further Education

A 15 page research paper that explores the current literature on teen sex education. The writer explores the debate between those who promote abstinence-only sex education versus comprehensive sex education and argues that research shows that abstinence-only sex ed. does not work. Mandatory comprehensive sex ed. is proposed. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Attitudes to Mathematics: A View of Attitudes in UK Education

This 50 page paper provides an overview of the issue of the attitudes towards mathematics in education in the United Kingdom. This paper considers the attitudes, how they are measured, and how these attitudes impact learning. Though this paper has a definitive bias for UK education, the studies integrated into the review of literature include sources that relate the general factors that influence views of mathematics in Western education in general, including issues like gender bias and curriculum development. Bibliography lists 30 sources

Learning Management Systems in Education

A 10 page paper discussing the emergence of the learning management system (LMS) for online education. Initially within the domain of business training only, online schools have begun to use many of the techniques that the LMS promotes. The LMS has come into being concurrently with a return to proven approaches to education, bringing the best of all worlds to online learning. The focus of the paper is that of higher education, but the principles apply to training in the workplace as well. Bibliography lists 13 sources.


A 5 page research paper that investigates the debate over bilingualism. Some people see bilingual education as a necessary mechanism for assimilation, while others view such education, and the multicultural approach that usually accompanies it, as something that blocks assimilation and legitimates differences that could eventually fracture the cohesion of the United States. An examination of literature pertaining to this topic demonstrates that there are persuasive arguments on both sides of this issue. The writer sides with those in favor of bilingual education. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Moving With the Times; The Opportunities Available to School Leavers Undertaking Post Compulsory Education

This 10 page paper examines the potential benefits to student of undertake post compulsory education, known as second level education in Ireland, how these benefits may have changed over time and the way these benefits may or may not be realised dependant on the type of education that is followed by a school leaver. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Teaching Online

A 4 page research paper that investigates this topic. Online learning encompasses the possibility of bringing about a revolution in delivery of higher education. However, along with benefits, online education also brings concerns. Literature addressing online education discusses concerns about instructional strategies and best practices in online teaching, as well as advantages, disadvantages, and how online learning compares with traditional classroom instruction. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Appellate Brief Pennsylvania

A 5 page paper providing an appellate brief according to the laws of Pennsylvania. Clients’ child has been denied access to public education because she is HIV-positive. The brief suggests that appeal first focus on whether Ginger’s right to medical information privacy under Pennsylvania law has been violated, then continue to the requirements of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), which state that every public school district must provide free public education to all of those requesting it. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Education and Democracy

This 8 page paper argues that education and democracy are inextricable. Three areas are explored which are the ideas that democracy should be promoted through public education, that education must be equitable and that there should be separation of church and state. The ideas of Jefferson, Dewey and Plato are discussed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Special Education - Case Study

This 7 page paper responds to specific requirements. These include: networking with two sources to identify trends and hot topics in special education; having discussions with two principals about their experience with parent advocacy groups; discussing information with school special education coordinator; and identifying priority areas for the school. The three areas are assessing ELL students for learning disabilities, parent involvement and support for general education teachers. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Paulo Friere’s “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education”

This 8 page report discusses “The Banking Concept of Education” in which Friere discusses that so much of modern education is a form of “banking” in which a student receives information in much the same way as a bank takes in deposits. Knowledge becomes a commodity to be stored, organized, and withdrawn as necessary. True education and learning are rare commodities in a system focused only on making “deposits.” No bibliography.

The Philosophy of American Education: A Teacher’s Perspective

This 5 page paper outlines a teacher’s perspective on the American philosophy in education, and considers common precepts like 'teach to the test.' This paper also considers the basic foundation of the philosophy of American education laid down by John Dewey, which defined the necessity for public education and equity in access. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Massachusetts Educational Law Change

A 7 page paper discussing a change in Massachusetts law within a cost-benefit framework. The change discussed is that replacing "special needs" with "disabled" in preparation for Massachusetts' switch from its own special education standard to that of the federal government. Requiring that all special education students be disabled in some manner excludes all those without a specific disability, saving $125 million annually that can be redistributed or invested in special education for the disabled. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Proposal for Educational Research

A 10 page research proposal directed to the local school board and addressing perceptions of teachers, families and the local community in how effective current special education practices are. The very laws intended to ensure that all learning disabled students receive the education most valuable to them work to categorize and label students in ways difficult to overcome. The purpose of the research is to discover whether inequities exist in assigning students to special education and whether current practice is effective. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Bush: His Plans for Higher Education

7 pages in length. Within this paper we will discuss the proposals of George W. Bush for higher education policy. Included will be an advance memo which highlights the key issues that will be made during the President's briefing. The briefing will include the basic background and context on where higher education fits as a political issue in comparison to K-12, and information on the central public concerns in higher education.Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Assessments in Special Education

One of the most challenging aspects of addressing student needs in Special Education is the process of student assessment to determine eligibility for services by Special educators and extended support personnel, to determine the student-oriented educational process that will be incorporated into a child's individual education plan (IEP), and to reflect gains, improvements and specific areas of concern for the child with a Special Education designation. This 3 page paper considers the scope of assessment and planning for children with disabilities, and determines the need for ethical use of assessment techniques. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Italian Education System and the Effect on Family Planning

This 8 page paper considers the structure and history of the Italian education system, including the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, and relates the impact of this system on sex education and family planning. This paper assesses the most significant determinants within the education system that influence the personal decision making related to family planning and the views of parents and students. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Inclusion Programming & Addressing the Problem of Implementation for a Varied Population

The word 'inclusion' has been widely used in recent years as more and more school districts recognize the call for 'least restrictive environment' in programming for special education students and relates to the side-by-side programming of special education and regular education students in classroom settings. This 25 page paper provides an overview of the current literature and then presents a description of the methods for conducting a study of students, outcomes, and teacher perceptions of inclusion programming. Bibliography lists 25 sources.

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