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Advertising; Does Sex Sell?

During the 1980's and 1990's it was generally accepted that the use of sexual images or suggestion could have a very positive influence in advertising campaigns. In more recent year this approach has been questioned, many studies have taken place, some indicating that the use of sex has changed other reach the conclusion that sex is not long such a persuasive tool. This 17 page paper looks at the question 'does sex sell?' using a comprehensive literature review and providing an outline for a full dissertation. The bibliography cites 17 sources.

Do Pure Play Internet Banks Create Value?

This 58 page paper looks at the way in which pure play internet banks, such as First Direct and Egg, may be able to create value. The paper presents a full dissertation style paper, with an introduction and objectives followed by an in-depth literature review. The literature review examines the role of the banks, examines the way that they compete and the importance and place of internet banking in the banking industry. The potential ways that pure play internet banks may add value studied from a theoretical perspective. After a section on methodology primary research using questionnaires is then simulated; assessing the perspective of internet banking using a sample made up of customers of the HBSC subsidiary; First Direct. The results are presented and then discussed. The bibliography cites 43 sources.

Reduction of Credit Risk with Macro Derivatives; A Dissertation Proposal

One of the major risks faced by banks is that of credit risk. This 7 page paper proposes a project to examine how macro derivatives may be used to reduce credit risk. The paper consists of an introduction, methodology and a lengthy sample literature review focusing on the ways in which credit risk is currently managed. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

A Research Project To Determine The Best Way Of Increasing Customer Loyalty At Scandinavian Airways Systems (SAS)

This 79 page paper is a dissertation style paper undertaking research to look at how the Scandinavian airline SAS can improve customer loyalty and the potential of using customer relationship management (CRM) to achieve increased loyalty. The paper looks at the development of the company, how they compete and the current loyalty system that is in place followed by an in-depth literature review concerning customer loyalty and CRM. A methodology is offered and simulated primary research results are presented before a conclusion is reached that recommends the adoption of a CRM system. The bibliography cites 54 sources.

Labour Market Trends in Hong Kong

This 75 page dissertation papers examines the labour market in Hong Kong. The paper begins by exploring the impact that global economic slowdown is having on the Hong Kong labour market, looking first at the economy globally and the problem of over-capacity and then at the specific impacts the global economy is having on Hong Kong as well as more local impacts, such as the transfer of rule to China. The writer then looks at the development of the labour market and how the economic changes have forced the structure of the labour market to change away form the more traditional manufacturing to new technology and the desire to build knowledge based economy. Issues such as the skills shortage, the disadvantages and advantages of the links with China and its’ membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and the role of vocational training are all considered before the conclusion that within Hong Kong occupational trends demonstrate a new economy. The bibliography cites 61 sources.

Returning Injured Workers to Work

A View of Worker’s Compensation Cases, Workplace and Safety Protocols, and Long-term Planning for Re-entry: This 125 page dissertation provides an overview of the problem of workplace injury and worker’s compensation and then the necessity to determine workplace and safety protocols for the return of injured workers to the workplace. This paper assesses the necessity for long-term planning in these areas, considers the role of the regulatory bureau OSHA in devising company safety policies, and also determines the views of employees and supervisors who have been a part of the process of returning injured workers to the workplace. This research study provides an overview of the current literature, a questionnaire study of a specific workplace population, an analysis of the data collected and recommendations for future policies and workplace protocols. Bibliography lists 60 sources.

How Should RyanAir Develop Future Strategy in A Global Market

This 47 page paper is the beginning of a dissertation, with literature review and methodology, to examine and determine what the future strategy of the Irish low cost airline RyanAir, the main competitor of EasyJet, should adopt in the global airline industry. The paper examines the background of the airline industry, looking at the general environment and the model follow cost airlines developed by Southwest. The company and its performance is considered and compared with similar companies as well as traditional companies such as British Airways. The paper then looks at the generic types of strategies that could be adopted before outlining a brief methodology for primary research. The bibliography cites 50 sources.

The Influence of the Wal-Mart Acquisition of Asda on the United Kingdom Supermarket Industry

This 10 page dissertation style paper considers the influence that Wal-Mart will have in the United Kingdom as a result of its purchase of Asda. The paper starts by considering the industry prior to the take-over, and the way it was projected to develop. The paper then look at the impact the new management of Asda have had on the industry directly and indirectly. These influences can be seen as impacting on customers, suppliers, competitors and society in general. The paper also argues that the industry had been permanently changed due to this event. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Induction Programs And Attrition Rate Of Beginning Teachers

A 12 page paper. One of the issues faced by the education system is retaining new teachers. Various strategies have been tried to combat this problem. This research paper provides a summary and overview of six journal articles addressing the retention of new teachers and then provides a summary and analysis of two dissertations about induction programs and concerns of new teachers. The writer then offers an outline for a new research study to determine the effects of induction programs and includes an outline of the elements of an effective induction program. Bibliography lists 12 sources. P

The Effects Of Distant Intentionality On Self-Esteem, Depression And Anxiety In Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents Attending A School Of Special Education: Dissertation Proposal

20 pages in length. The stringent control of scientific processes precludes much incorporation of alternative approaches based primarily upon anecdotal evidence. Examining the current conventional approaches that impact self-esteem, depression and anxiety in emotionally disturbed adolescents attending a school of special education, one finds conspicuously absent any modified manner by which these individuals' psychological conditions are addressed, bringing to light the overwhelming need to take a closer look at such alternative approaches as Distant Intentionality. Bibliography lists 23 sources.

A Dissertation Proposal; How Should Companies Compete to Maximize their Returns from the Internet?

E-commerce is an important element of many businesses. This 7 page paper is a proposal for the development of an e-commerce model that can set out the requirments for a business to be successful in e-commerce. A literature review is undertaken and then a methodology is outlined which includes primary and secondary research. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Dissertation Proposal; The Role of Playgrounds Standards in Traditional Arab Neighbourhoods: Case study Libya

This 5 page paper is a research proposal for a student who wants to study to examine and investigate playgrounds standards of the old traditional neighbourhoods. To explore rehabilitation techniques for the existing playgrounds and to develop techniques to establish standards for planning and design of playgrounds that are unique for Libyan society and its’ cultural background responsive to Libyan specific needs. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Improving Social Interaction in Autistic Children; A Dissertation Proposal

This 8 page paper proposes a study into the emotional aspect that influence social interaction of children aged 8 – 12 diagnosed as suffering from autism. The paper gives the goals of the study and conducts a brief literature review looking at supporting studies and looks at potential tools for measurement of social and emotional abilities. The paper also gives a brief methodology and outlines the expected results. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Dissertation Proposal; International Crises and the Socio-Political Impact on the GCC Countries

This 3 page paper is a research proposal to develop an understanding of the way in which crises impact socio-political environment inside and between GCC countries and who this may then impact outside of the GCC alliance. The paper outlines the research question, gives a brief methodology and then undertakes a short background literature review. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

The Value of Information Technology in the Commercial Environment; A Dissertation Proposal

This 6 page paper considers the value and impact of information technology investments and the implications of those investments for effective management of information system organization. The paper outlines a proposal to study the way that value can be added and to develop a model to help mangers who are looking at making IT investment decisions. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Change Management : Adopting The Four-Blocks Literacy Framework

This 70 page is a dissertation case study up to the collection and analysis of actual data. The study involves an elementary school where the Four-Blocks Literacy Framework is being adopted but many teachers are resisting the change. The sections of this comprehensive paper include: Introduction, including background about the school, changing demographics, test scores, the Four-Blocks approach and change implementation. The Literature Review includes a comprehensive explanation of the Four-Blocks Framework with research studies reported; an example of a comprehensive literacy-based lesson plan; an extensive discussion of change management, including types and causes of resistance and strategies to deal with it. The purposes of the study are then outlined, followed by a methodology section that includes participants, an explanation of qualitative research and case studies, and the procedures for the study. The Concerns-Based Adoption Model is outlined because one component of the model is to be used. A draft survey for teachers is included. The paper ends with a description of how the data will be presented, a restatement of the purpose of the study and conclusions. Statistical data are included. Bibliography lists 52 sources.

Lyndon B. Johnson's 'Great Society' Speech

15 pages in length. Perhaps no other speech in political history has hit upon as many delicate subjects as Lyndon B. Johnson's 'Great Society.' Considered the one dissertation to cure all the country's ills at once, the President sought to implement broad and widely sweeping changes with regard to education, environmental degradation, immigration and health care. Indeed, it can readily be argued that these concerns were at the forefront of the nation's mind; however, the manner by which Johnson went about originating these drastic modifications in social and political policy were delivered quite abruptly and without a great deal of follow-through. Some of the myriad acts put into place by this speech include the Civil Rights Act, food stamp legislation, the Economic Opportunity Act, programs for mass transportation, Medicare and Medicaid, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Higher Education Act, and the Public Works and Economic Development Act. Historians who have studied the President's speech contend that while it was comprised of eloquence and forthrightness, it proved to be but a Band-Aid upon the problems it had sought to resolve. The writer evaluates Johnson's speech as it relates to rhetoric, content, consistency, flow, as well as the impact it has had upon the nation some thirty years later. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Economic Development in Iran and the United Arab Emirates; The Impact of Monetary Policy and Banking Systems; A Dissertation Proposal

This 7 page paper is a proposal for studying the impact of monetary policy and the internal banking system on the development in these two countries in order to form a flexible models for developing countries. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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