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Westchester Distributing Company

7 pages in length. A discussion of a case study involving business fraud and kickbacks. Topics include ethics within a corporation, economics of internal controls, what course of action to take, as well as employee behavior.

Circe and The Lestrygonians

5 pages. In James Joyce's great novel Ulysses, are two chapters which are the topic of this paper. The focus herein is on Chapter Eight, The Lestrygonians, and Chapter Fifteen, Circe. Each one will be analyzed and discussed separately herein. Bibliography lists 1 sources.

History and Use of the Number "e"

This 5 page paper introduces the topic with a modern day look at compound interest, then delves into the history of the number e. Both early and modern uses are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

An Argument For Euthanasia

A 5 page paper. The topic of euthanasia brings on heated debates. This essay explains the differences between active and passive euthanasia and presents an argument in favor of euthanasia. The writer presents the major argument opposing euthanasia as well as arguments for euthanasia. Data regarding the percentage of people in different countries who support euthanasia are also reported. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

"Time of the Doves" by Merce Rodoreda

A 5 page paper which discusses various elements of the story "Time of the Doves" by Merce Rodoreda. The elements discussed are the main topics of the novel, mother-daughter relationships, the evolution of Natalia (the main character), and how the novel stands to represent feminist literature. This paper is also available in Spanish version. No additional sources cited.

Grammar - What Teachers Need to Know

A 30 page research paper that examines how grammar has traditionally been taught and argues in favor of a shift in paradigm that favors teaching within the context of writing and reading. The writer offers an examination of the current body of literature on this topic with particular emphasis on the work of Constance Weaver, Department of English at Western Michigan University, author of Teaching Grammar in Context. Bibliography lists 28 sources.

Turk Heavy Transport - An Information Technology Overview

This is a 12 page paper that provides an overview of the information technology used in a particular transport company in the Middle East. Topics addressed including the types of data exchanged, exchange processes, and a proposal for improvements to the infrastructure. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Leaders Must Be Politicians

A 5 page paper that discusses several articles that address this topic. They explain how organizations are political and what that means for the leader. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Human Resource Management - Practice Reflecting Words

This 7 page paper looks at the topic of human resource management and considers how the practice of the discipline reflects the words. The paper looks at what human resource management is, how it can be seen as dealing with both resource issues and human issues. The bibliography cites 5 sources.


This 6-page paper covers information about a career for an owner of a record label and recording studio. Topics include salary, skills required and duties of the job. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 4-page paper analyzes the article "Gulfstream Relies on International Supply Chains to Deliver World Class Aircraft," and discusses topics such as plant locations, infrastructure and logistics and just-in-time methods. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 5-page paper provides a case and operations study on Panera Bread. Topics covered include a situational analysis, industry analysis and strategic recommendations.

Social Justice, Wealth Inequality/A Catholic Perspective

A 14 page research paper that discusses the topic of wealth inequality and social justice, with a particular focus on the guidance of the Catholic Church on these issues. A 1 page Table of Contents is included in the page count. Bibliography lists 12 sources.


This 13-page paper provides an organizational overview of Southwest Airlines. Topics discussed include corporate culture, obligations, strenghts and weaknesses, and IT implementation. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


This 5-page paper is an example of a job analysis and redesign for an employee at Target Corp. Topics discussed include rewards and motivations used by the company, the job itself, and potential ways to boost motivation. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 3-page paper discusses the similarities and differences between the U.S. Constitution and California Constitution. Topics that are compared include speech, religion and the right to bear arms.

Motivation at Work

A 10 page paper discussing motivational theories as they apply to the workplace. Motivation is a topic on which many have opinions, but too few realize the role that recognition plays in preserving employees' intrinsic motivation. In today's business environment, organizations need to gain as much benefit from their workers as possible. The old model of money as motivator persists, even though it has been found to be of far less importance than is recognition for a job well done. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Human Motivation

A 4 page paper that looks at three specific topics within the vast field of human motivation. First, biological, learned and cognitive motivation theory are discussed in relation to Festinger's cognitive dissonance theory; then, Sternberg's Triangular Love theory is discussed. Finally, Seligman's ABCDE method for changing attributes with the goal of becoming more optimistic and thus, happier is described. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Photosynthesis, and Other Topics

A 4 page research paper that offers brief answers to 5 science questions. Topics covered include photosynthesis (why it's vital to life); what other source of energy could life have used (hydrothermals); lipids; difference between organic and inorganic molecules and difference between dominant and recessive genes. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Research Proposal - Class Size And Achievement

A 9 page paper that presents a research proposal, including hypothetical results. Topics include: introduction, problem statement, hypothesis, definition of terms, literature review, design of study, including participants, procedures, analysis, findings and conclusions. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Pegasus Air - A New Airline

A 10 page paper that presents a plan for beginning a new airline. Topics include the type of aircraft to be used, beginning routes, motivating personnel, target market and services, code sharing and strengths of the company. Bibliography lists 9 sources.


This 3-page paper focuses on a workplace situation, in which poor communications led to a cargo-full of fish flying out on an airplane -- but the fish shouldn't have been there. Topics under discussion include chain of command and methods of communication.


This 24-page paper examines the literature discussing AT&T Corp. and its management; from its beginnings, through divestiture, into the 1990s and beyond. Topics discussed include the role of human resources, Michael Armstrong and how AT&T has been evolving since the 1980s. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Communicating At Work - Book Report

A 9 page paper. Communicating at Work is written by Tony Allesandra, Ph.D. and Phil Hunsaker, Ph.D. This paper offers a synopsis of the book and includes some of the many ideas the authors provide. Different topics discussed include the four styles of communicating, nonverbal communication, listening, writing skills, effective meetings and more. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Memory, Cognition & Media Questions

A 7 page research paper that addresses several questions on memory, cognition, artificial intelligence and computer simulation and the future of these topics. The amount of time that people devote to media is also discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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