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Battered Women: A Research Proposal

This 12 page paper is a research Proposal for program evaluation developed to address the needs of women who have been the victims of domestic abuse. This paper relates a proposal in APA format. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Assessment of the Relationship between Employee Motivation and Employee Performance - a Research Proposal

This 9 page paper is a research proposal to investigate the link between employee motivation and employee performance, focusing on environments where scientific management techniques are still used. The research proposal provides an introduction, research question and methodology. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Research Proposal to Assess Strategic Planning and itsí Impact on the Performance of Institutions in the Public Sector in the United Arab Emirates

This 19 page paper is a research proposal to assess the way in which strategic planning, and different approaches to strategic planning can impact on the performance of public sector organizations located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The proposal consists of research question identification and justification, a literature review and discussion of potential methodology. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

HCP Portal Proposition

This 17 page paper is a proposal for a pharmaceutical company to develop a Healthcare Providers Portal as a way of supporting the business and enhancing the firmsí reputation. The paper gives an outline of the proposal, considers the problem it may help to resolve, and assesses the framework that could be used, looking at the target market needs and the competitive advantages. The project is assessed with Porters Five Forces model. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

The Influence of Advertising on Consumer Behavior - A Research Proposal

This 12 page paper is a research proposal to examine the impact that adverting can have on a consumer behavior and intent to purchase a product or service. The proposal gives an introduction, a problem statement, looks at the reason the research is important, presents a literature review and proposes a mixed methodology. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

Dissertation Defense - Alignment of Learning Organization Characteristics and Readiness for Change in Kuwaiti Distribution Firms

This 9 page paper is a 24 slide PowerPoint presentation regarding a dissertation undertaken to assess the alignment of learning organization characteristics with readiness for change characteristics in distribution firms located in Kuwait. The aim of the study, research questions, important literature, methodology and results are all presented.

Community College Prospectus

A 12 page paper, which is a dissertation prospectus. The topic is sustainability. The paper includes an introduction, problem statement significance of the study, problem statement, research questions, literature review, and method. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Reflection on Modules in a HR Course

This 10 page paper reflects of five different models that formed part of a HRM course. Modules covered issues international HRM, strategic HRM motivation, leadership and management, team working, and a dissertation.

Green Logistics - Freight

This 25 page paper looks at the subject of green logistics, considering how and why firms adopt strategies which reduce polluting emissions, what motivates the change and the barriers to adopting green transport polices. The paper is written in the style of a dissertation, with an introduction to the problem, hypothesis statement, in depth literature review and simulated primary research. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

Mining Dissertation Literature Reviews

A 3 page paper. Mining is the act of reviewing a literature review and noting authors and topics they write about. This has been accomplished with the following two dissertations. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Influence of Performance Appraisal on Organizational Commitment - Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology

This 31 page paper is the introduction, literature review and methodology section of a dissertation to examine the impact of performance appraisals on an employee's commitment to their organization. The literature review includes an examination of the concept of organizational commitment, how commitment may be gained and measured as well as different types of appraisals and how they impact on employees. The methodology proposed a mixed methodology approach, using quantitative and qualitative research. The bibliography cites 33 sources.

Introduction a Methodology for a Research Project Examining the Implementation of TQM in Nigerian Firms

This 16 page paper is the first part of a dissertation to examine the barriers and challenges for implementing TQM in Nigerian firms. The introduction provide information about TQM and the project aims and objectives, along with justification for the research. The second section is the methodology, proposes the use of qualitative research with a case study approach. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

The Influence Of Performance Appraisal On Organizational Commitment

This 66 page paper is a full length dissertation style paper with the aim of assessing whether or not there is a relationship between employees organizational commitment and performance appraisals. The paper includes an introduction, literature review, research methodology, simulated results and a discussion on the findings. The bibliography cites 34 sources.

Mergers and Acquisitions - Could they Benefit the Nigerian Economy?

This 23 page paper is the first part of a dissertation examining the potential of mergers and acquisition strategies to support growth in the Nigerian economy. This paper presents the introduction, which includes the research questions, aims and objectives. The literature review is also included, defining mergers and acquisition, the advantages, disadvantages and challenges that are associated with merger and acquisition activities, and examples of successful and failed merger activity. The bibliography cites 28 sources.

Gospel Music's Healing Power

This 48 page paper offers a dissertation that entails a comprehensive overview of gospel music as a counseling tool. Bibliography lists 30 sources.

DNP Role/Grant Proposal

This 2-part 3 page paper provides 2 examples of the DNP role and also discusses an example grant proposal. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Research Proposal: Tylenol Tampering Incidents

In a paper of three pages, the author writes a research proposal paper about the Tylenol tampering incidents in the 80's. The author of this paper discusses the cyanide poisoning incidents from 1982 and 1986. There are three sources cited in this paper.

Proposal for Setting up a Home Care Nursing Agency

This 26 page paper is a proposal for setting up a new business providing home nursing care. The proposal starts with a description of the business and individuals who will be involved in the start-up, including their qualifications and expertise that will support the new venture. The proposal then undertakes an environmental scan looking at the political, economic, social, technological legal influences that will affect the organization; the existing competition is also assessed. The general strategy is outlined, and an implementation plan presented along with financial projections. The paper ends by looking at the risk management plan. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

Activity in the Elderly: A Research Proposal

An 18 page paper which presents a research proposal investigating the elderly as it involves activity. Activity is deemed to be any given involvement, whether it be social or physical, which can serve to benefit the elderly. The proposal discusses how activity fits into the lives of the elderly, the various types of activities that the elderly are involved in, and generally approaches the subject from an ethnographic position. The research proposal presented illustrates the need for the research, a literature review, and a methodology discussion. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

HIV Prevention for Youth in Rural Areas

A 10 page project proposal that includes a short abstract/project summary. This project proposal addresses an urgent public need, which is the rising incidence of HIV infection among American adolescents living in rural environments. This proposal outlines the parameters of the problem; substantiates the need for the project through a review of relevant literature and then proposes an nurse-led intervention for rural youth that is based on a program developed by Murry, et al (2005), the Strong African American Families Program, which involves rural parents and focuses on developing their knowledge and parenting skills so that they can effectively and meaningfully interact with their 11-year-old children in a manner that directs them toward a healthy future. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Effectiveness of Sex Education in Teen HIV Prevention

A 14 page research paper that offers a research study proposal. The hypothesis for the proposed study is that a sex education program that significantly affects the attitudes and norms of participant adolescents and creates positive cognition toward abstinence and delayed sexual behavior can be termed to be effective, as this result can logically be assumed to have a positive effect on the incidence of HIV among adolescents/young adults. The proposal outlines the parameters of the problem and provides background information on the issues, which states the purpose of the proposed study. A literature review provides context, as it summarizes previous research on this topic. The proposed methodology, data collection and analysis are then summarized. Samples of a parental/guardian consent form and a participant asset form are also included. The proposal also includes a 1 page abstract. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Market Reseach Proposal

This 10 page paper looks at a fictitious proposal to assess the value created by the sponsoring of an event. Sponsorship is used widely as a marketing and PR tool; however it is not always clear if these sponsorships add value to the brand or impact on the brand and product perceptions. This paper presents a proposal to investigate the role and influence of sponsorship in a brand. The paper uses the example of McDonalds, but the proposal could equally apply to other companies. The paper outlines the problem, presents a brief literature review and a methodology for qualitative and quantitative reseach. The paper also includes costing and a time plan with Gantt chart. The bibliography cites 7 sources

Does Behavior Determine Attitudes: A Research Proposal

This 10 page paper provides an overview of an APA style research proposal based on the question of whether behavior determines attitudes. This paper considers the theoretical elements in social psychology and what it has taught us in recent years regarding the nature of behaviors and supports the notion that we not only think ourselves into a way of acting, but also act ourselves into a way of thinking. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The U.S. Presidency & Inexperience

An 8 page research paper discussing some problems associated with the Office of the President. The writer pinpoints trouble with the fact that U.S. President elects receive no formal training from their predecessors and are poorly-assimilated into the job. Proposals for remedy are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Memo: EHRs

This 5 page memorandum consists of a research proposal to the head of nursing agency that pertains to making the shift from a paper filing system to electronic records. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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