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Suicidality and Depression in Young Children

A Research Proposal to Assess the Link Between A 7 page proposal for a study designed to test the link between suicidality and child abuse among six to eleven year old children. This paper uses a forum approach to explore this issue and to design effective intervention tactics. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

An Early Reading Program As an Intervention to Reduce the Need for and Negative Effects of Social Promotion Among African American Males Grades K-12: A Research Proposal

This 8 page paper provides an overview of a proposal for a study of An Early Reading Program As an Intervention to Reduce the Need for and Negative Effects of Social Promotion Among African American Males Grades K-12. This paper includes a outline of the proposal. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Management Information Systems in Rental Equipment Business; A Research Proposal

This 10 page paper is a research proposal for a project to study the use of information system in the rental trade. This is a proposal that outlines the questions, undertakes a brief literature reviews before outlining a methodology and a time plan to undertake the project. The bibliography cities 9 sources.

How Fashion Merchandising Can Be Socially Conscious

This 5 page paper provides a detailed proposal on what a fashion merchandiser might do to promote an environmentally conscious product line. Tee shirts and bracelets are part of the proposal. Much of the paper examines the use of fabric. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A Request For A Proposal

This 10 page paper is a request for a proposal form vendors to install a communication technology within a hospital. The documents is an example of how an RFP should be formatted, with information abut the establishment, the proposal for the project and proposed time schedules, a questionnaire and some vendor examples. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

Endorphins, Exercise & Pain

A 7 page study proposal on the relationship of endorphin release to the perception of pain. The writer theorizes that vigorous exercise helps lessen non-exercise related pain, and outlines a detailed research proposal for proving this. Bibliography lists five sources.

Improving Morale/Productivity in a Union Shop

A 12 page research paper that takes the form of a proposal on how to improve morale/productivity within a union-based work environment. The proposal includes a literature review and recommendations based on the a participatory management model. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Divine Command and the Mosaic Tradition: Maimonides, Al-Ghazali and Augustine

This 3 page paper provides an overview of a research proposal on the divine commands and the Mosaic tradition. Specifically, this proposal views the authorship of Maimonides, Al-Ghazali and Augustine in regards to the writings in the Torah, Qur'an and Bible. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Enhancing Communication Between Management & Employees

A 6 page proposal on measures a life insurance company could undertake with very little cost in promoting bottom-up communication, rather than limiting themselves to the more typical top-down pattern. The proposal presents the company's existing problem as a minor, but growing one, and presents possible low-cost steps in eliminating it. Nearly any business consultant worth his fee consults first with the front-line employees in order to determine the company's problems: the paper recommends that this insurance company do the same. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Bringing Active Directory to Riordan Manufacturing

A 4 page continuation of an earlier proposal discussing implementing Active Directory at Riordan Manufacturing. The purpose here is to further develop the ideas of that proposal and to identify groups that will be used individually and nested with others. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Managerial Excellence

A 5 page outline of a research proposal on managerial excellence. This research proposal outlines a specific case study. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

Consumer Behavior / Women

A 5 page proposal for a study on the buying habits and attitudes of women. The proposal includes an overview, three hypotheses, a brief review of the literature, conclusion and implications of the study. Research findings are contrary to popular beliefs about women when it comes to purchasing clothes. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Computer Literacy & Low Income Or Disadvantaged Learners

An 11 page paper that provides a comprehensive outline of a proposal for funding for a program for computer literacy for low income or disadvantaged students. This proposal demonstrates the benefits of this kind of programs and provides a sample budget. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Business Proposal for a Hostel in Brisbane

This 16 page paper is a proposal for the development of a new business; a hostel for students and backpackers in Brisbane, Australia. The paper outlines the business strategy, the industry conditions, the product and services offered, the target market, the marketability of the proposal and looks at the way operations will take place. Three years profit and loss and balance sheet forecasts are presented. The paper ends by looking at an exit strategy. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Triad Hallmark Store - A Marketing Proposal

A 10 page paper that outlines a marketing proposal for the business planning and commercial launching of a corporate Hallmark Crown Store affiliate. Explained and discussed are proposal structure, situation analysis, SWOT analysis, campaign & communication strategy, media plan, appropriation & budget, and keys to ongoing success. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Proposal Essay: Increasing the Salary of Teachers

5 pages in length. A proposal essay in which the topic is the increase of teachers' salaries. Includes a statement of the problem, statement of fact, possible solutions and conclusion. Excellent model paper for that essay proposal!

Research Proposal/Effect of Pop Quizzes on Grades

An 8 page research paper that outlines a research study proposal for evaluating the effect of pop quizzes, and quizzes in general, on final course grade at the college level. The proposal includes literature review on this topic and outlines the parameters of the proposed research study. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Higher Education and Law Enforcement

This is a 9 page paper that provides an overview of law enforcement policy proposals. A proposal to incorporate higher education into officer training is explored. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Proposal for a New Healthcare Business

This 3 page paper is a proposal for the opening of a new healthcare center specializing in obstetrics services and care for babies until the 12 months of age. The proposal outlined the service, identifies the need for the service and then considers a pricing strategy. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

Compensation and Benefits Plan Proposal

This 20 page paper provides a proposal for the implementation of a compensation and benefits package for employees who work in a Medical Records department. The salary of the medical records clerk is assessed. A proposal for a new benefit (Employee Assistance Program) is made and analyzed. Costs are evaluated. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Social Promotion Policy

This 9 page paper is a proposal to a fictitious school board. In this hypothetical case, the district has no formal policy regarding social promotion. The writer provides background and then two alternatives - one policy for and one against social promotion. Each alternative is analyzed with pro's and cons. The writer then offers a modified policy proposal that might satisfy those who oppose it. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Education & The Elderly

A 10 page proposal that considers the elements of learning (general knowledge, reading comprehension and learning style) and the problems related to effective health education for the elderly. It is the hypothesis of this proposal that the study presented can reflect a correlation between these learning factors that can be utilized as a tool in effective educational programming. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Changes In Teacher Education

This 15 page paper discusses a number of topics relative to teachers and teacher education. Beginning with a discussion of some of the issues teachers face today as compared to what they faced 20 years ago, the discussion then moves into changes and proposals for change in teacher certification, teacher salaries, including data regarding national averages and proposals to change the structure and finally into the diverse student body teachers work with today. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

Letter Reversal In Children With Severe Learning Disabilities

A 10 page research proposal intended to demonstrate that the use of upper case letter techniques can reduce letter reversals in children with severe learning disabilities. This proposal also correlates the improvements in reading and writing using this technique to improve reading and writing confidence which can lead to subsequent reversal improvements. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Research Proposal: Electronic Administration of Government Proposals

A 3 page paper proposing that research be conducted into shifting the procurement proposal process from being entirely mail-centered to an electronic base. The federal government uses its own EDI network and has since 1994, but many vendors and agencies complain that it is no longer relevant. This proposal seeks to gain funding for an investigation into the use of an Internet-centered system for receiving, reviewing and awarding government contracts. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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