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Preventing Re-Hospitalization in Patients with Heart Failure

This 6 page research paper presents a proposal for a capstone project designed to decrease re-hospitalizations for congestive heart failure patients through telemonitoring and skilled nursing visits. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A Modest Proposal: Surprise Ending

In a paper of three pages, the author writes about Jonathan Swift's “A Modest Proposal”. The author of this paper fives a summary of the work as discusses the surprise ending. There are three sources cited in this paper.

Insulin Administration/Elderly Patients

This 4 page paper presents an EBP project proposal that pertains to insulin administration among elderly nursing home residents. The writer describes a shift from sliding scale insulin (SSI) to the basal-bolus approach to insulin therapy. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Nursing Residency Programs and Other Issues

A 4 page paper. This paper briefly explains one of the IOM's recommendations for nursing education, specifically residency programs. The paper identifies agencies that support this proposal and how it has been implemented. The next section discusses federalism and offers example of policies passed at two levels of government and to what degree the federal government should be involved in health care policymaking, Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Fund Raising Ideas for Senior Center

In a paper of three pages, the author writes a proposal for funding a senior center. The author of this paper gives ideas for how to best raise money to build a new center. There are three sources cited in this paper.

Assessing English Language Proficiency

A 3 page paper that presents a research proposal. A community college has implemented a new ESL curriculum and wants to know how effective it is in helping ESL students gain oral English language skills. The paper includes a description of the phenomenon, problem statement, research question, and research design. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Evaluating an ESL Program

This 3 page research paper offers a proposal pertaining to evaluating a new ESL curriculum instituted at a community college. The proposed study has a qualitative design. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Livescribe Eco Smartpen And College Disabilities

A 7 page paper that explains why a certain Smartpen will help students with auditory processing problems. The pens are described, the term learning disability is explained, disability laws that apply to colleges are reported, and the proposal to a company to donate these pens is presented with justification. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Integrity Management System - Proposal for Introduction in the Engineering Construction Industry

This 4 page paper is an introduction and proposal for research to create and implement a new integrity management system for construction and engineering firms. The paper includes an introduction and an outline methodology as well as an expected output.

Using Health Information Systems

A 4 page paper that responds to five issues relative to a research proposal that focuses on a smoking cessation program in a mental health hospital. This part introduces the use of health information systems. Issues are: the benefits and limitations of the technology, resource considerations that can help or hinder, outcome of the change and how to measure them, different stakeholders, and how to measure the leader's accountability. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Health Policy Proposal Brief

A 5 page paper that reflects a proposal. Sections include statement of the problem, the recommendation from an IOM report (nurse residencies), background on the problem, existing conditions, impact of recommendation on different stakeholders, current solutions, status of health policy, conclusions. Statistical data included. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Global Issues, Impact on Language Learning

This 6 page research paper investigated websites of organizations concerned with global issues such as poverty, the environment and women's issues. Six issues are investigated with a brief summation mission, questions, impact on language learning and the writer/tutor's perception of the issue. The paper closes with a proposal for further investigation on women's rights. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Effects Of Birth Order Proposal

A 6 page paper. In 1918, Alfred Adler offered the first comprehensive account of the effects of birth order. In that article, Adler focused on the dethronement of the eldest child. This essay is a research proposal and includes: review of the literature, definition of terms, assumptions, methodology, including participants, instruments, and procedures, data analysis, discussion, and implications. Bibliography Lists 7 sources.

Statewide Smoking Cessation Program Design

A 6 page paper. This paper presents a proposal for a statewide anti-smoking program. It is a multifaceted program based on various empirical research studies. The primary tool for quitting is the electronic cigarette with other added innovations. This paper reports: stakeholders, program design, mission, goal, and measurable objectives for this program. 1 Table and 1 Gantt chart are included in page count. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

PowerPoint Presentation for a proposal to Assess Barriers to Effective Foreign Aid Use in Afghanistan

This 3 page paper is a 9 slide PowerPoint presentation, presenting a proposal for research to assess the barriers to effective aid distribution in Afghanistan. The aims of the research, research questions and methodology are all presented.

Barriers to Effective Foreign Aid Use in Afghanistan

This 28 page paper is a research proposal to assess the barriers in Afghanistan which are preventing the effective use of aid. The paper starts with background to the issue and the outlining of two hypothesizes, which are followed by a literature review, which presents relevant theories and outlines the history of aid in Afghanistan and identifies different influences that are present. A research plan is also presented, including research methodology. The bibliography cites 31 sources.

Childhood Obesity Research Proposal

A 6 page paper that reflects a research proposal to implement a school and community program to prevent childhood (ages 2-18) obesity. The incidence of obesity for this group of youngsters is 17 percent. The paper includes a description of the population, research questions, epidemiologic study design, research tools to be used, summary of the data, and conclusion. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Childhood Obesity Proposal Intervention

A 6 page paper. This proposal is based on an effective anti-childhood obesity program across Europe and other countries. The program is EPODE. This essay provides an explanation of the intervention/program to be implemented, the case participants and control group, a review of the literature, expected health outcomes from the program, and a brief conclusion. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Digital Communications and Identity

This is a 6 page paper that provides an overview of identity and online communications. Various sources are explored in the context of a research proposal. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Research Proposal, Rough Draft

This 3 page paper offers a rough draft of a research proposal that addresses the needs of cultural diverse adult learners. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Healthcare Gaps For Those With Chronic Diseases

A 3 page paper. Recently, the Senate released the new health plan proposal for the country. It came in two parts from two different government departments. This essay discusses some of the differences between the ACA and the AHCA (the new plan). There is an emphasis on patients with chronic diseases and how the new plan will hurt them. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Dangote Cement Manufacturing Nigeria

A 14 page paper, the focus of which is Dangote Cement in Nigeria. The paper provides a background, and discusses logistics and technology, reports environment actions, provides a literature review, and includes a proposal with statement of the problem, methodology and procedures. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

Corruption Within The Justice System

This 9 page research paper offers a research project proposal that investigates corruption within the criminal justice system, with a particular focus on US police departments. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

New Health Care Management System

A 10 page paper that explains why a health information management System is needed in hospitals today. The paper is like a proposal. The introduction explains the types of electronic systems needed. It discusses possible decision making models, it justifies the process used to request an upgrade or new system, presents a planning timeline, and develops a chart for key stakeholders and what they might say pro and con. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Leader As Follower

A 3 page paper. Over the last two decades, the literature has paid more attention to followers and what a good follower is. During this time another proposal was made, which is that good leaders are also good followers. This is the topic of this essay. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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