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This 4-page paper is an example of an op-ed against legislation to prevent negative things from happening.

Ten Sins and Ten Commandments of Marketing

This 6 page paper looks at 10 sins and 10 commandments of marketing briefly discussing each and given an example for each.


This 5-page paper provides an example of how to persuade a boss to give an employee a raise.


This 3-page paper provides an example of an article for the publication Marketing Scene about Apple Inc.'s target marketing efforts.

Validity And Reliability In Research Studies

A 3 page paper that explains reliability and validity with examples. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 3 page paper examples an expository speech on the topic of 'blondeness' and 'outward' appearances.Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 10 page paper discusses and examples Thai diplomacy and relations with the Allied forces during World War II. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


This 3-page paper is an example essay of one student's negative experience in the Navy.


This 3-page example essay describes an ideal "classmate" for a college-bound senior, in terms of differing background, culture and location.

Scholarship Proposal

This 3 page paper provides an example of a scholarhsip proposal, which includes the personal circumstances of one person.

Comparative Analysis of George Bernard Shaw’s “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” and Terence Rattigan’s “Flare Path”

A 3 page comparative analysis of these examples of naturalistic plays. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Process analysis

A 3 page paper which offers an example of process analysis, describing a step-by-step procedure for giving medication to a cat.

Complexity And Chaos Theories

A 12 page paper that explores complexity theory and chaos theory as they relate to approaches for solving problems. Today's management systems are based on those of 200 years ago but this is a different world. It is a world with more complex systems and more change occurring rapidly and constantly. The principles of chaos theory and complexity theory have been applied in numerous industries and individual companies for solving complex problems. Headings include: introduction; complexity theory; appropriateness and application of complexity and chaos theories; ordinary v extraordinary management. Included are discussions and explanations of the principles of each theory, leaders in the field, specific examples of how these principles are being applied. There is a focus on the oil industry for the examples. Bibliography lists 22 sources.

Organizational Responsibility and Ethics

This 7 page paper focuses on medical ethics and provides examples. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Ephesians 5:1-16

A 3 page example expository sermon based on this passage. No other sources cited.

Personal Description

This 3 page paper provides an example of a personal biography.

An Admission Essay to Transfer to Law School in New York

This 3 page paper is an example of an admission essay for a transfer student.

A Cover Letter and Sample Curriculum Vitae

This 4 page paper provides an example of a cover letter and sample curriculum vitae.

Cultural Heritage Essays 2

Same as African2.wps (above); written as a series of definitions with examples.

Returning Injured Workers to Work: A View of Worker’s Compensation Cases, Workplace and Safety Protocols, and Long-term Planning for Re-entry

This 250 page dissertation provides an overview of the problem of workplace injury and worker’s compensation and then the necessity to determine workplace and safety protocols for the return of injured workers to the workplace. This study not only considers the successes of these programs, but also presents a study of the psychological and sociological determinants of compliance and participation with return-to-work programs and the organizational issues that determine the failure of some of these programs. In particular, this paper creates a dual methodology, that studies the reflections of individual participants and then assessments of some standard personality characteristics as well as motivation, truthfulness and self-esteem. Bibliography lists 140 sources.

Stroop Neuropsychological Screening Test

A 5 page paper. The original Stroop test was designed as part of Stroop's doctoral dissertation in 1935. Since then, it has been modified a number of times. The Stroop Neuropsychological Screening Test, written by Hoover et al in 1989 is one of those modifications. This essay provides the stated purpose of the test, administration, publisher and prices of the materials. It then discusses the normative data, and one study that added an emotionality variable. Finally, the writer comments on how the test may theoretically be used to determine executive functioning. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Returning Injured Workers to Work

A View of Worker’s Compensation Cases, Workplace and Safety Protocols, and Long-term Planning for Re-entry: This 125 page dissertation provides an overview of the problem of workplace injury and worker’s compensation and then the necessity to determine workplace and safety protocols for the return of injured workers to the workplace. This paper assesses the necessity for long-term planning in these areas, considers the role of the regulatory bureau OSHA in devising company safety policies, and also determines the views of employees and supervisors who have been a part of the process of returning injured workers to the workplace. This research study provides an overview of the current literature, a questionnaire study of a specific workplace population, an analysis of the data collected and recommendations for future policies and workplace protocols. Bibliography lists 60 sources.

The Influence of the Wal-Mart Acquisition of Asda on the United Kingdom Supermarket Industry

This 10 page dissertation style paper considers the influence that Wal-Mart will have in the United Kingdom as a result of its purchase of Asda. The paper starts by considering the industry prior to the take-over, and the way it was projected to develop. The paper then look at the impact the new management of Asda have had on the industry directly and indirectly. These influences can be seen as impacting on customers, suppliers, competitors and society in general. The paper also argues that the industry had been permanently changed due to this event. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Induction Programs And Attrition Rate Of Beginning Teachers

A 12 page paper. One of the issues faced by the education system is retaining new teachers. Various strategies have been tried to combat this problem. This research paper provides a summary and overview of six journal articles addressing the retention of new teachers and then provides a summary and analysis of two dissertations about induction programs and concerns of new teachers. The writer then offers an outline for a new research study to determine the effects of induction programs and includes an outline of the elements of an effective induction program. Bibliography lists 12 sources. P

The Use of IT in a School For Decision Making

This 47 page paper is a full length dissertation examining the use of information technology and computer systems to help with decision making. The paper starts with an introduction, considering why this is an important issue and outlining the rest of the paper. The next section is a comprehensive literature review which looks at theories concerning decisions making, barriers to decision making and management systems designed to all technology to help with decision making. The paper then outlines the methodology for primary research using a case study school and presents some findings along with a discussion relating the findings to the literature review. The paper ends with some conclusions and recommendations. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

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