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Culture and Law

In a paper of four pages, the author writes about culture and laws. The author of this paper uses examples from three cases to explain how cultural anthropology influences the legal system in America and abroad. There are three sources cited in this paper.

A Biography Of The Apostle Peter

This 9 page paper begins with Peter's birthplace and characteristics as a fisherman. The rest of the paper reports events during his time with Jesus Christ and considers purpose, teaching, role among Apostles with examples of leadership and a conclusion. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Job Satisfaction Motivation

A 3 page paper. This essay discusses similar but different concepts and topics in the field of organizational behavior. The topics discusses include increasing job satisfaction, example of motivating a group, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and decision-making. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Landfill Contaminated Soil and Contaminated Water

This 3 page paper provides an overview of a case example in which a city reports soil and water contamination. This paper evaluates the issues for this city and presents the report of contamination by assessing the different influencing factors. There are 2 sources listed.

Social Studies Instruction

This 6 page paper provides an overview of an approach to social studies instruction. This paper outlines the basics of concept-based instruction which focuses on overarching concepts and the integration of information about these concepts from a number of different perspectives. This paper gives specific examples of the application in social studies instruction. There are 4 sources listed.

Mental Health and Discrimination

This 4 page paper provides an overview of mental health issues in Canada, including the application of antidiscrimination law. This paper outlines the ARCH Disability Law Center's Discrimination and People Who Use Mental Health Services principles and the Ontario Human Rights Code to consider specific examples. These are the only sources provided.

A New Paradigm Of Systems Thinking – Leadership

An 8 page paper that begins with an explanation and acknowledgement of the rapid changes in today’s world. The paper offers a new paradigm of leadership that is focused on identifying crises in the pre-crisis state and taking actions to intervene. Toyota’s mistakes are identified and used as examples of what not to do. Paradigms and systems thinking are discussed. 1 graph included. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Death Traditions

A 3 page paper. Each culture and religion deals with death in different ways. This paper reports a study of how three different cultures deals with death. It focuses on the meaning of death to Christians with examples from Catholicism. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Judiciary And Fraud Corruption

A 3 page paper. This paper discusses FWAC in relation to the judiciary system and asks is this a setting in which FWAC can happen? Examples are provided. The second issue has to do with training a new investigator in the office of inspector general. The writer includes some questions the trainer might ask. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Developing Ethical Identity

A 15 page paper. This essay discusses multiple issues about practicing ethically. The paper discusses at length developing an ethical sense, developing an ethical identity and professional identity, how an ethical sense is developed, the importance of ethical mindfulness practice with examples. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

How Is Processing Of Grief A Spiritual Experience

A 15 page paper. This essay discusses grief and spirituality. The question is: Is the processing of grief and loss a spiritual experience? The essay begins with definitions of spirituality and grief. Five models of grief processing are included and also several verses from the Bible are identified. Examples are included. Comments about the spirituality of each are included. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

What Is a Great Leader?

This 5 page paper defines the term leader and outlines the characteristics it takes to be a great leader. Martin Luther King, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are used with examples alongside Adolf Hitler. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Adult Learning

This 3 page essay offers a student a hypothetical example of a personal essay that explores issues pertaining to adult learning. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Health Programs In Schools

A 6 page paper. The first part of this paper discusses promoting health in schools, the rationale for such programs, and some examples. The second part discusses how public health has helped medicine and includes a health care program in one state that is analogous to public health programs. The program is explained. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Adult Learning Styles

A 4 page paper, which begins with an example of something the writer learned. The paper asks a question: would it be better to learn adult learning styles or would it be better to earn a master's in adult education. The paper discusses learning styles a master's program. The paper also reports what other experts have written about learning. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Issues In Social Psychology

A 4 page paper that different issues relative to social psychology, including situationism, ethics, studies that were unethical, how people influence culture with examples, and conformity and obedience. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Divine Comedy: Dante and Virgil

In a paper of nine pages, the author writes about the relationship between the characters Dante and Virgil in the Divine Comedy. The author of this paper uses examples from the text to explain the morality and the way Virgil was a father figure to Dante throughout the journey. There is one source cited in this paper.

Education: Rewards and Punishments

This 5 page research paper offers a student an example of how to relate personal experience to wider issues of policy in regards to education and what the student perceives in terms of justice. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Paige Greco/The Globe

This 3 page essay pertains to Paige Greco's essay on the Globe Theatre and discusses its features, arguing that this is an exemplary example of a well-written humanities article. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Drugs and Labeling Theory

This 5 page paper reports on alcohol, crack cocaine and Ecstasy as example of depressant, stimulant and hallucinogenic drugs. The last section of the paper reports on labeling theory, as a theoretical perspective that explains drug use. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Fraud Triangle White Collar Crime

A 3 page paper that has two distinct sections. The first briefly explains the working conditions of an accountant and, using the fraud triangle, demonstrates how this employee could easily steal funds. The second discusses white collar crime with examples, Ponzi schemes, perspectives of this type of crime, SMORC and Behavioral Economics. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

My Ambition to be a Nurse

This 3 page paper provides an example of how a student might express her desire to be a nurse. The writer focuses on the discussing the role of nursing educator. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Grief Theories

A 16 page paper. Grief is something everyone will experience at some time in their lives. This essay discusses four theories of grief and grieving: Kubler-Ross, Parkes, Worden, and the Dual Process Model. Examples of personal loss are included with comments about how these can help the counselor when working with others. Bibliography lists 25 sources.

Decision Making For Different Strengths

A 3 page paper that is about StrengthsFinder. This essay discusses the decision making process a person with the strength of Strategic and one whose strength is Input. The essay goes on to give an example of how manager can develop different strengths. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory : A 4 page paper. This personality assessment instrument is described and explained in this paper. Scales and components are identified. One example of how the MMPI was used in an empirical study is discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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