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Leadership Necessary For Innovation

A 4 page paper. This essay discusses the role of leadership in the process of innovation. Is leadership important? If so, how do leaders encourage and foster innovations? What are innovators like? What skills do leaders use to encourage innovation? These questions are discussed and examples of innovations in organizations are provided. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Demographic And Economic Factors And College Enrollment

A 3 page paper. Many factors have an impact on college and university enrollments but they do not necessarily have the same effect on all colleges. This essay begins with a discussion of Lone Star College System in Houston, Texas and continues to discuss the impact of demographics and economic factors on enrollment in higher education institutions. Examples are included. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


This 4 page essay/research paper defines colonialism and discusses the problem of differentiating it from imperialism. The writer offers an example of a positive effect from colonialism, but then focuses on negative effects suffered by Native Americans due to European settlement. The essay closes with a discussion of cross-cultural influences and how African Americans affected white culture. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Human Growth And Development Terms

A 5 page paper. This essay provides the definitions or brief explanations for 21 terms that relate to human growth and development in one way or another. Examples: cognitive neuroscience, operant conditioning, DNA, holophrase, and myelination. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

Nursing Narrative, Past and Future Roles

This 3 page essay is an example paper in which a nursing student conveys a personal conceptualization on past and future roles. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A Discussion Of Meaningful Use

A 5 page paper that discusses the 'meaningful use ' program, the cornerstone of that Act. The paper reports the criteria eligible practitioners and hospitals must meet in each of three stages and provides examples of core objectives and menu objectives. The paper discusses the impact and effects on nurses, nursing, the patient, and national policy. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Police Demeanor

A 3 page. One of the policing philosophies adopted in the United States came from England. It is one that directly addresses demeanor. This essay reports two principles promoted by Sir Robert Peel in London in the 1800s, how much training America's police officers receive in this control with examples, and how to train offices to present a positive demeanor and control their tempers. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Women in IT

This 5 page paper provides an example of an autobiographical essay relates details of the student's life to her involvement, as a woman, in the IT field. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Organizational Development Issues

A 3 page paper. There are many theories in the field of organizational development. This essay briefly explains several of those theories and discusses them in terms of their impact on the organizational culture. Examples of theories: chaos theory and autopoiesis theory. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Cognitive Dissonance

An 8 page paper. This essay explains Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance and its causes. The paper reports a number of research studies on this theory and notes how they relate to the core concept in the theory. The essay also explains how a person would reduce or eliminate the dissonance. Examples are included. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Diabetes Brochure/Poster Project

This 4 page essay presents a hypothetical example of how the student might report on the experience of presenting a brochure and poster on type 2 diabetes mellitus at a health fair event. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Lack of Communication Between Providers

A 3 page paper. One of the most common organizational problems in hospitals is a lack of communication between providers. This failure to communicate causes great patient harm. This essay discusses this issue as an organizational behavior problem. Examples and data are included. The problem is identified, analyzed, and offers a recommendation to fix the problem. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Aspects of Nursing Practice

This 5 page paper consists of the speaker notes for khaspectsnur.ppt. The issues discussed in this paper pertain to alignment of values between nurses and their employers and the importance of communication. The paper also relates a hypothetical example of an ethical conflict. Bibliography cites 5 sources.

Higher Education Privatization

A 3 page paper. Privatization as it relates to higher education refers to a process of taking on the characteristics of, or general operational norms associated with private enterprises. This essay discusses the decrease in state funding for state colleges and universities, benefits and negatives of privatization, effectiveness and sustainability, five elements along the privatization continuum, and examples from some colleges. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Social Activism/An Educator's View

This 6 page paper discusses societal racism and bias and offers an educator with an example of a reflection paper on this topic. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Reflections/Transformative Learning

This 3 page essay is an example of how a student might reflect on her past experience as a adult educator working with disadvantaged adult learners. No bibliography is offered.

The Judiciary And Fraud Corruption

A 3 page paper. This paper discusses FWAC in relation to the judiciary system and asks is this a setting in which FWAC can happen? Examples are provided. The second issue has to do with training a new investigator in the office of inspector general. The writer includes some questions the trainer might ask. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Developing Ethical Identity

A 15 page paper. This essay discusses multiple issues about practicing ethically. The paper discusses at length developing an ethical sense, developing an ethical identity and professional identity, how an ethical sense is developed, the importance of ethical mindfulness practice with examples. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

How Is Processing Of Grief A Spiritual Experience

A 15 page paper. This essay discusses grief and spirituality. The question is: Is the processing of grief and loss a spiritual experience? The essay begins with definitions of spirituality and grief. Five models of grief processing are included and also several verses from the Bible are identified. Examples are included. Comments about the spirituality of each are included. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

What Is a Great Leader?

This 5 page paper defines the term leader and outlines the characteristics it takes to be a great leader. Martin Luther King, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are used with examples alongside Adolf Hitler. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Adult Learning

This 3 page essay offers a student a hypothetical example of a personal essay that explores issues pertaining to adult learning. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Health Programs In Schools

A 6 page paper. The first part of this paper discusses promoting health in schools, the rationale for such programs, and some examples. The second part discusses how public health has helped medicine and includes a health care program in one state that is analogous to public health programs. The program is explained. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Adult Learning Styles

A 4 page paper, which begins with an example of something the writer learned. The paper asks a question: would it be better to learn adult learning styles or would it be better to earn a master's in adult education. The paper discusses learning styles a master's program. The paper also reports what other experts have written about learning. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Issues In Social Psychology

A 4 page paper that different issues relative to social psychology, including situationism, ethics, studies that were unethical, how people influence culture with examples, and conformity and obedience. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Divine Comedy: Dante and Virgil

In a paper of nine pages, the author writes about the relationship between the characters Dante and Virgil in the Divine Comedy. The author of this paper uses examples from the text to explain the morality and the way Virgil was a father figure to Dante throughout the journey. There is one source cited in this paper.

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