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School Engagement

A 5 page research paper/essay, which includes a 1 page abstract, that discusses the importance of school engagement. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Role of the Psychological Contract in Regulating Employment Relationship - A Global Review

This 100 page paper examines the role of the psychological contract on the employment relationship in an international context. The paper is written as a dissertation, with a full introduction, literature review methodology and then research using a case study approach. The paper defines what is meant by a psychological contract and then considers the influences on the expectations of the employees and employers that are inherent in the psychological contract. Two cases studies are created and then analysed using international examples the employment relationship in France and Japan, these are examined to assess the theories, and assess the impact of the psychological contract on the employment relationship and how it is influenced by different cultures. The bibliography cites 89 sources.

Violence in the Media: Its Effect on Children

15 pages in length. This paper is an excellent research thesis on how violent behavior in children is related to violence in the media. Includes abstract, hypothesis, review of literature, proposed methodology, analysis and conclusion. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Alcoholism & Post-Traumatic Stress

10 pages, 16 sources, 2 tables. Excellent sample of a model APA (American Psychological Association) research paper. Includes abstract and all applicable sections. Specifically explored is the treatment of dually-diagnosed alcoholism patients with post-traumatic stress disorders.

Abstract Expressionism / Art & Architecture Comparison

A 20 page paper that explores layering, spatial depth, minimalism, combination of materials, objects and colors, and the moralist vein, all of which typify abstract expressionism. The artists and architects reviewed and compared include: Pollock and Richard Gluckman, Helen Frankenthaler and Garth Alexander Oldershaw, Jasper Johns and James Stewart Polshek, and Barnett Newman and Sam Durant. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

New Directions in the Employee Performance Appraisal

An 8 page paper discussing the inability of standard performance review practice to serve either the organization or the employee and exploring innovative approaches to redesigning the process. Here, employees themselves are called on to redesign the process and create one by which performance is rated on the degree to which the employee has contributed to realizing the organization's goals. Includes a letter and an abstract. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Riverbend City: Discussion Post

This 3 page paper provides a student with an example discussion post that pertains to Riverbend City, which as suffered a chemical spill. The writer also offers hypothetical suggestoins that pertain to responses to other posts. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Personal Nursing Philosophy

This 4 page paper presents an example of how a nursing student might choose to discuss the student's personal philosophy. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 4-page paper provides an example of a proposal presented to the city of Anytown, TX for a recycling program. Included are budgetary and comparison discussions. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Language and Abstract Thought: Meaningful Conversation about a God Who Transcends Creation?

A 5 page address of the philosophical dilemma of whether or not we can talk meaningfully of a God who transcends creation if language is a part of creation. Questions the innateness of language and the applicability of that innateness to the topic of our own creation and the existence of God. Compares language in animals and mankind and concludes there are definitive differences in the ability of the two to have meaningful conversations about such highly abstract concepts as God and His existence. It is the ability to translate our mental experiences into words which gives humans the capability of abstract thought and allows us to have meaningful philosophic conversation about God even though God transcends creation. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Poetry: Concrete And Abstract Language

5 pages in length. To define the difference between concrete and abstract language as they relate to poetry, the student will note that the fundamental distinction between the two is that one is based in reality and the other has its origins in ambiguity. Examining the poems of Elizabeth Bishop, Amy Lowell and John Keats finds that the two divergent literary approaches are employed as a means by which to reach the same conclusion, however, it is the path that leads to this conclusion that stands to separate. Poets use concrete language when they seek a more literal approach to expression; abstract language, on the other hand, is utilized when the writer is looking to convey a more esoteric thought. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Salem Witch Trials - An Annotated Bibliography:

This 6 page annotated bibliography gives a detailed description of 12 sources related to the topic of the Salem Witch Trials. This paper also provides an abstract, thesis, and paper development plan. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Cold War Visual Images

The images of the Cold War Era were not of the cold war. The public media, magazines and movies, were portraying the affluence of and freedom of the American way of life, while the photographers that were taking meaningful photos, such as Diane Arbus, were not published until the paranoia of the McCarthy years had subsided. The only stark representation of the underlying fear that logically accompanies a threat of war of the magnitude suggested in the existence of the Cold War was the images coming from the world of fine art. There were many painters, sculptures and crafters within the genre of abstract expressionism that felt a need to portray the emotional atmosphere hidden in the hearts of the people. This 5 page paper examines the effect of the cold war mentality on the photographs that predominated the pages of Life magazine, the photos of Diane Arbus and the abstract expressionist painting, Study After Velasquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X by Francis Bacon. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

The Correlation Between Child Abuse and Poverty: An Annotated Bibliography

A 5 page collection of abstracts from articles relating to the correlation which exists between child abuse and poverty. Starting with a book on the subject by Besharov and Laumann (2001) which provides an extensive investigation of the subject, this paper reviews several different aspects of the correlation between child abuse and poverty. The papers abstracted range in subject matter from the environmental and circumstantial worlds which engulf these families to how child abuse might present in a medical situation to how the abuse of illegal drugs can correlate with child abuse. Bibliogrpahy lists 10 sources.

Montessori Mathematics Ages 3 To 6 :

This 8 page paper discusses how Montessori mathematics takes the young child from concrete learning to abstract thinking in mathematics. The essay begins with Montessori's beliefs about the child under the age of 6, the materials presented to children and, in general, how the materials help the child make this transition. The principles for the materials are outlined. Two lesson plans are included: one that moves the child from concrete rods to understanding of the numerals and the other is the introduction of fractions. Additional comments further clarify how the Montessori materials help children make the all-important transition from the concrete to the abstract. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Congress's Role in Foreign Diplomacy

A 12 page research paper, plus a 2 page abstract, that analyzes the interplay of power between Congress and various Presidents during the Vietnam era, demonstrating the power of the Legislative Branch of government in regards to determining the course of foreign diplomacy. The writer specifically looks at the Gulf of Tonkin resolution and the War Powers Act. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Determining Employers’ Attitudes toward Hiring Individuals with Disabilities

An 11 page plan for studying employers’ attitudes toward hiring individuals with disabilities. Equal employment guidelines and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act instruct employers that they cannot discriminate against any individual for any reason; the purpose here is to determine whether intended results are being born out in fact. The study will use several statistical analyses, which also are discussed in the paper. Includes an abstract. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


This 3-page tutorial guides the student on how to write a science paper, more specifically, an abstract. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Article Review: Nosocomial Infection

An 8 page paper reviewing a review of four studies. Beyea (2003) provides abstracts of four studies published in 2002, all of which address the issue of nosocomial infection control. Though each study takes place in different settings and uses several different approaches, each focuses on informing efforts to control the spread of nosocomial infection in the hospital setting. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

The Relevance of Wassily Kandinsky

This 8 page paper looks at this artist's life and influence on the movement of abstract expressionism. His history as a Russian artist and influence in Europe is discussed, but the focus of the paper is on the artist's influence in the United States. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Observation/3 Age Groups

A 11 page research paper (including a one-page abstract) that summarizes observations made of three age groups interacting within the environment provided by a mall. The observation relates behaviors to recent research, in order to draw conclusions relative to observed behavior. The groups observed were early childhood, adolescents, and seniors. The writer concludes that in each case, the mall serves as a social environment. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Bach for Babies

An 11 page research paper (which includes a 3/4 page abstract), which addresses the trend of playing classical music in utero and in early childhood in the hopes of creating a child prodigy. The writer examines literature pertaining to what scientists know about fetal development, that is, when a fetus develops the ability to hear and how well it can hear. Then, literature is examined that pertains to what possible beneficial effect, if any, can be attributed to listening to classical music. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The Implementation And Impact of the Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act Privacy Rule

This 12 page paper provides a proposal for a research project involving the impact of the HIPAA legislation. The paper is broken down into many categories and includes an outline, abstract, review of literature and recommendations. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Content Analysis of Media Messages: An Abstract

This 4 page paper is an abstract for a study using content analysis as a methodology. This paper relates the specific nature of content analysis for news bias. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 4 page paper is an abstract outlining the problems with hidden camera usage by employers in the workplace. Specific focus, research hypothesis, case studies, and statistics offered. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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