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Hourly Rounding: A Tool for Fall Reduction

This 11 page paper, which includes an abstract, describes a proposed research study that focuses on instituting hourly nursing rounds as a tool for fall reduction. Bibliography lists 21 sources.

Total Quality Management

This 15 page paper begins with an abstract. This essay discusses Deming's points, obstacles, reasons TQM initiatives fail, the importance of continuous improvement and employee involvement. The essay compares the Japanese orientation to continuous improvement, called Kaizan, and the Western orientation. The PDCA cycle for improvement is explained. Examples are provided to illustrate the benefits of continuous improvement efforts. Employee involvement is also explained and described along with examples of employee involvement. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Jean Baudrillard; Hyper Reality and the Media

This 11 page paper considers Baudrillard's theory of hyper reality and how we can see this impact on the social world due to the role of the media with its' creation and propagation of images. The paper discusses the theory and the role of simulation, and uses examples to illustrate the points raised. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Evil Case Study: Ted Bundy

In a paper of four pages, the author writes a case study on evil. The author of this paper uses Ted Bundy as an example of a person fitting their definition of evil. There are four sources cited in this paper.


This five-page paper presents an examples of a UDL lesson plan pertaining to the instruction of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities." Included are goals of the plan, how it coincides with state educational standards, teaching methods and wrap-up Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Responses to Postings

This 3 page paper provides.a student with examples of how to respond to postings on cervical lymphadenopathy and ear infections. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Nursing Internship/Application Essay

This 3 page paper offers advice and an example application letter for employment as a nurse. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 6-page paper offers examples of branding strategy, positioning statement, marketing strategy and customer behavior for a fictitious delivery/catering service called Excellent Eats. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Teratogens Plus Heredity Vs. Experiences

A 4 page paper that begins with an old debate but phrases it in this way: how do heredity and experience contribute to brain organization. Examples are included. The first subject has to do with teratogens, which can cause birth defects. Examples are included. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


A 3 page paper. This essay discusses groupthink, which is described as a phenomenon in which people set aside their own opinions, thoughts, ideas and agree with the group. The theory is explained with examples. The paper includes historical examples of groupthink as well as a personal one. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Professional Psychologists

A 3 page paper. This essay discusses the legal and ethical aspects of psychology. The Ethical Code of Conduct is referenced to provide examples. Examples are provided that involve both legal and ethical issues. The essay points out that each state establishes the laws and regulations for psychologists, primarily in the requirements to be licensed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Exchange-Rate Models-Assessing the Movement of the Canadian Dollar against the US Dollar

This 12 page paper looks at the models which may be used by firms to assess the way exchange rates may move over the following twelve months. The paper uses the example of the Canadian Dollar moving against the US dollar as an example. The models explained and examine include fundamental forecasting, technical forecasting and market based forecasting. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

What Is A Hero

A 5 page paper that discusses what a hero is. The writer comments a hero may be well-known or not known at all. Some examples include of the teachers in Bodega Dreams, the institutional hero of Hard Rock, the mother in The Train from Hate. Definitions and examples are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Managing Innovation and Change

This 12 page paper presents a literature review examining the way in which change and innovation may be implemented and managed in a commercial environment. The process of innovation and strategies or conditions under which innovation is most likely to thrive are discussed, and the way that these changes may be implemented are discussed utilizing models of change. The paper then describes to changes resulting from innovation, one example demonstrating success, one example demonstrating a failure. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

Formative and Summative Assessments in Education

This is an 8 page paper that provides an overview of formative and summative assessments. Examples of both are given along with example lesson plans. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Professional Development Paper

This 3 page paper provides an overview of personal professional development for a nurse. This paper is an example of how to present a professional development paper, with specific examples. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Research using E-Mail

This 3 page paper looks at the issues of external viability and the way in which the use of email may help to support robust research. The characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of using email are considered with the use of research examples utilizing within their methodology cited as examples. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Healthcare IT System

This 5 page paper is a full slide PowerPoint presentation along with speaker notes, examining the topography and interconnects in a healthcare IT system. The example of a hospital is utilized, and diagrams are presented to demonstrate the way that the hospital IT system fits in with other systems, including insurance firms. The second diagram looks at the architecture the hospital system as a whole in a simplified manner. The last diagram examines a subsystem, using the radiology department as an example. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Values, Mission And Social Responsibility

This 6 page tutorial essay explores the issues of ethical decision making. It begins by giving instructions on how to recognize one's own values, provides instruction and examples on creating a mission statement and looks at decision making according to Kohlberg, using Dominoes decision to discontinue their primary marketing strategy as an example.

Medieval Art

This 7 page paper discusses the historic period of Europe from about the 6th to 14th century. Painting, sculpture and metal work, and examples of each of these areas are discussed. The work of Gentile da Fabriano (c.1370-1427) an Italian Gothic painter serves as the primary example in the painting discussion. Bibliography lists 6 resources.

Comparing Augustinianism and Thomism in Facing a Moral Dilemma

5 pages in length. Gives an example case of a moral dilemma and examines it using both the theology of Augustinianism and that of Thomism. In the moral dilemma examined here, these two theologies will help determine whether we are doing the right or wrong thing, whether we might be tempted to ‘play God’ and if that is the case, whether it is a right or wrong action to take based on the example theology. Bibliography lists 1 source.

God's Teachings on Social Injustice

This 6 page paper provides a student with a hypothetical example a sermon written in the black preaching tradition that focuses on supporting political and social activism to combat social injustice. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Emotional Diary

This 7 page essay offers a student a hypothetical example of how to describe personal emotions, such as anxiety, anger, fear, and happiness, as well as others. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Public Administration Leadership

A 17 page paper. The purpose of this paper was to examine aspects of public administration. The report describes four leadership styles that public administrators could adopt and behaviors that are related to each style, putting theory into practice. A specific style is recommended for public administrators with justification, and the relationship between the leader and organizational culture is explained. Abstract included. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

Iliad, Aeneid and Mythology

This 9 page research paper/essay reports on the "Iliad" and the "Aeneid" and how the 2 epic poems reflect the Greek and Roman mythology, as well as the values of their eras. Page count includes a 1 page abstract and a 2 page annotated bibliography that lists 7 sources.

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