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Curriculum Mapping: Literature Review

A 20 page paper. This research paper provides an abstract, an outline of the literature review with suggestions for further searching, a literature review focusing on curriculum mapping. The body of the paper discusses what mapping is, why it is used, the benefits of mapping, the phases of mapping and the strengths and limitations of the literature review. The writer concludes with what was learned from the project. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

Mount Rushmore

This 6 page paper provides information about Mount Rushmore with an emphasis on its history. Its meaning is also explored. An abstract is included. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Walt Whitman/ Structure in Song of Myself

A 5 page essay that analyzes structure in Whitman's Song of Myself. The writer argues that that Whitman's poem possesses considerable unity – just not in the traditional sense. The structural unity of the poem derives from rather abstract features, such as Whitman's consistent overall direction toward a greater comprehension of the "self" or "man," as well as cosmic patterns of life, death, and Whitman's perceptions of the nature of God. No additional sources cited.

Article Review on Multicultural Education

This 5 page paper provides a critical review of a paper called "Tolerance and Intolerance in Multicultural Education," by Robert Heslep of the University of Georgia. Concepts in multicultural education, tolerance and morality are broached. An abstract of the article is included. No bibliography.

The Three Types of Zen Gardens

A 5 page paper which compares and contrasts the three different forms of Zen gardens. These forms are as follows: based on landscape paintings, austere and more abstract dry garden, and roji, or tea, garden. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Under-Representation Of Minorities In Gifted Programs

An 8 page paper. This is a partial research study proposal and includes: an abstract, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, definitions, and a review of the literature. The discussion includes why minorities are under-represented in gifted programs, some reasons why minority students underachieve, and the fact that minorities and females are under-represented in science programs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The Art Process of Jackson Pollock

In the past when one has discussed the making of art, there have been two schools of thought: one with the emphasis on the end result or the "product," the other on how one goes about making or "responding to the work as it is being made," which is the "process." It is this last definition that will form the core of our 5 page discussion concerning American Abstract Expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock (1912-56). Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Nursing/The Importance of Vital Signs

A 4 page research paper (plus half-page abstract) that argues that the initial assessment of an emergency situation, with particular emphasis on the significance of vital signs, is instrumental in obtaining a positive patient outcome. To substantiate this argument, the writer turns to scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals that detail scenarios in which the crucial role of assessing vital signs and symptoms is evident. These journal articles focus on cases involving diabetics and pregnancy, and both are indicative of the overall importance of vital sign assessment. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Substance And Causality: Aristotelian Theories More Relevant Than Platonic Conjecture

6 pages in length. Examining the relevant worthiness of Aristotelian and Platonic philosophy requires one to assess the fundamental values of both approaches. Indeed, Aristotle may have been Plato's most illustrious pupil, however, he did not share his instructor's view of substance and causality. When one compares the two concepts, one finds that Aristotle's concrete, scientific theories are more relevant than Plato's deductive and abstract ideology. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous of names and infamous of personalities in the modern art world. His greatest role model was the Spanish artist, Goya. The passion inherent to his personality, in combination with a genius for abstract iconography and an deep understanding of color are the characteristics that made him known as the most legendary talent and prolific artist of his time. This 5 page paper explores the works and reputation of Pablo Picasso. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Brood Parasitism in the European Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)

An 11 page discussion of the practice of brood parasitism, behavior in which the European Cuckoo places its eggs in the nests of other species to be reared. Discusses egg mimicry, rejection and acceptance by other species, and the possible evolutionary incentives of both host and parasite bird. Includes a one-page abstract and a one-page Roman Numeral outline. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Schema-Based Learning

The ability to solve word problems in mathematical context requires both logic and abstract thinking. Students with learning disabilities are less able than the average student to comprehend and negotiate the intricacies of word problems. As the students move from elementary to secondary grades, the gap between them and their normally achieving peers may widen This 7 page paper explores different aspects of teaching middle school students with learning disabilities to solve word problems by using schema based learning techniques. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

My Personal Relationship To Music

A 3 pages essay that expresses the writer's personal feelings about music. The writer argues that music is a highly complex, abstract language that bypasses the brain and affects the central nervous system directly causing a change in mood. The essay goes on to discuss this emotional component of music and its implications. No sources cited.

The Tempest

A 4 page paper which discusses the story “The Tempest,” by Shakespeare. An abstract is presented which illustrates what was thought of the story, what the story is generally about, and what the plot of the story is. This is followed by a plot summary. No additional sources cited.

Swallowing the Poison Mushroom - America After Hiroshima

A 10 page paper that examines the moral, social and political views that the American public held concerning Hiroshima in the twelve months following the end of World War II and how these views were changed by the 1946 publication of John Hersey's "Hiroshima". Discussed are the cover up attempts made by the U.S. government during August of 1945 and August of 1946, the abstract picture of Hiroshima that the American public formed due to this cover up, and how Hersey's article changed this picture by being the first to reveal the truth about the devastation in Japan. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Effects of Different Types of Music in Situations of Varying Stress Levels

An 8 page paper presenting a study investigating the effects of music on relaxation efforts. Discussions of music can become quite emotional, but there has been only limited research into how hard and soft music can affect stressful situations. The investigation here indicates that hard rock may be capable of preventing relaxation even in a relaxing setting. The paper includes a short abstract, literature review, methods, results and discussion sections. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Cubism vs. Futurism

3 page essay comparing cubism and futurism (abstract art) with mention of Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Marinetti, DuChamp etc; No Bibliography.

Abstract Expressionism / Art & Architecture Comparison

A 20 page paper that explores layering, spatial depth, minimalism, combination of materials, objects and colors, and the moralist vein, all of which typify abstract expressionism. The artists and architects reviewed and compared include: Pollock and Richard Gluckman, Helen Frankenthaler and Garth Alexander Oldershaw, Jasper Johns and James Stewart Polshek, and Barnett Newman and Sam Durant. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

Jackson Pollock / Abstract Expressionist

This 9 page paper proposes that the abstract expressionist was the leader of the art movement in America during the post World War II era. Ultimately, he and his cohorts, shifted the center of the art world from Paris to New York. Several of his works are explored in a piece that looks at the art movement in historical perspective. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Minimalism in Sculpture

The maxim, "less is more" could very well stand for the basic definition of the abstract development known as minimalism. In painting, sculpture, and other media, minimalism emphasizes the least discernible variation of technique. This 10 page paper looks at four very different artists who have worked as sculptors in Minimalsim: John McCracken, Raheed Araeen, Michael Lucero and Lee Bontecou. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

A 5 page paper which involves the analyzing of 4 separate articles relating to real estate investment trusts (REIT). An abstract of each article is included. This is followed by a discussion which illustrates how the 4 articles relate to one another. Also included is a section illustrating how these articles can be used to understand financial marketing. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Human Resource Training & Computers

Approximately 12 pages in length. "Concept paper" (similar to a proposal/abstract) examining the usefulness of CD-Interactive training within manufacturing industries. Bibliography lists 10+ references.

Using Computers to Increase Self-esteem, Motivation and Success in Learning Disabled Students

This 12 page paper with 1 page abstract outlines the increasing use of computers in Special Education classrooms and the attempts by educators to use computers to increase self-esteem, motivation and success in learning for children with learning disabilities. This paper considers a number of different programs and research perspectives and underscores the importance of new techniques for integrating computers into the learning model. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Left-Handedness And Accidents / A Non-Experimental Study

This 9 page paper provides a model for a non-experimental study in which the thesis is that left-handers have more accidents than do right-handers and the reasons for this propensity are environmental. A literature review supports the thesis. Sections include: abstract; introduction; literature review; results and discussion. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Clinical Depression & Wellness

A 7 page (plus FREE abstract) research paper on depression; its treatment, prevention, cures, etc; Writer uses DSM-III. Bibliography lists more than 6 sources.

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