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Best Buy (Marketing Case Study)

This 8 page paper examines print and Internet advertising as it hones in on various marketing segments. Best Buy advertising is discussed as it emerged in the 1990s and today, as it appears to target those who want excellent pricing, no matter what their age. An abstract is included. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Child Sexual Abuse by Stepparents

A 5 page (4.5 pp. + .5 pg. abstract) paper which examines the issue of stepparents who sexually abuse their stepchildren. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Content Analysis of Media Messages: An Abstract

Since the 1950s, the American public has focused on the mass media as a means of understanding culture, developing social identity and shaping political perspectives. This 3 page abstract provides an overview of the topic and relates it to the findings in the current literature. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Your Constitution is Killing You

This 5 page abstract provides an overview of the topic and relates it to the findings in the current literature. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Condom Use in Adult Populations: The Impact of HIV/AIDS Education

With an increase in the transmission rates of sexually transmitted diseases, researchers have attempted to determine the best methods for improving condom use in adult populations. This study considers the impact of one HIV/AIDS education program designed specifically to target at-risk adult populations. This 21 page abstract provides an overview of the topic and relates it to the findings in the current literature. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Improving Employee Orientation Procedures

An 18 page paper including a memo of transmittal, an abstract and 3 pages of graphic elements with the 8 page paper. The paper discusses methods of improving employee orientation procedures and examines two companies' approaches as best practices to arrive at recommendations. A ten-slide presentation is also available. Annotated bibliography lists 6 sources.

Promoters and Performers: A View of Contract and Contract Law

When contracts are written between concert promoters and performing artists, a number of considerations must be assessed in the creation of the contract. Performance riders, fee guarantees, union participation, clauses regarding time constraints, and external riders, including the requirements of vendors or other agents in conjunction with a given performance, may all be included in the development of a performer contract. This 4 page abstract provides an overview of the topic and relates it to the findings in the current literature. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Abstract Trait of "Smart"

This 4 page paper provides an overview of the abstract trait of smart. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Gas Crisis in California

This 11 page paper examines the gas crisis in the nation, but particularly in California. The effect on the economy is explored. An outline and abstract are included. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Meaning in abstract art

A paper which considers the way in which meaning can be extrapolated from abstract art, with reference to theories of representation and the interaction between artist and audience. Bibliography lists 4 sources


This 11-page paper details five article abstracts about money and banking that were published during the past four months in the Wall Street Journal. Two articles are on Chinese banking, one on the Italian banking industry, one about online banking, and one discusses the falling dollar. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Interactions with Service Providers

Abstract: This 8-page paper describes a student's interaction with substance abuse service providers, with regard to what he might see, think and feel in this situation. Bibliography lists 3 sources

Nursing Communication Project

A 23 page research paper that proposes a project designed to improve communication among nurses at a specific health care facility. The writer proposes that institution of a shared governance management structure will improve nursing communication through empowerment and providing a specific structure for hearing nursing contributions. This project proposal includes all areas pertaining to the project's implementation, including a literature review. The page count also includes a 1.5 page abstract. Bibliography lists 15 sources.


This 7 page paper is a sample annotated bibliography for a criminal justice paper. Bibliography lists 10 sources plus abstract.


This 5 page paper discusses the effects of colors on the emotional health and physical health of a person. Abstract included as well as well defined sections on color therapy, possible integration into the traditional medical practice. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


This 6 page paper discusses the condition of orthostasis as it relates to the geriatric patient. Possible causes, treatments, medications and preventive therapies offered. Documented research and one case study. Abstract included. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Primitivism And 20th Century Art

5 pages in length. The extent to which primitivism impacted the development of twentieth century art is such that it virtually transformed the artistic direction of myriad artisans. Discovered in 1906, tribal sculpture had all at once become fitting due to modifications in the very nature of modern art. The vast array of twentieth century artists who embraced the concept of primitivism included the likes of Gauguin, Picasso and Brancusi, not to mention the German Expressionists, the Surrealists and the Abstract Expressionists. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Pollution from the Santa Barbara Oil Platforms

5 pages. Gives an overview of the unsightliness and pollution being caused by the oil platforms off the coast of California. While there are some positive aspects of the oil platforms, such as the fact that they support marine life, the negative ones in the form of pollution far outweigh the good. Included is a 1 page abstract of this paper. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


This 10 page paper discusses the assumed role of the independent auditor and compares it to the reality of the job. The collapse of Enron and the Phar-mor investigations are discussed in relation to the independent auditor's roles. Predictions are made about the future structure of big business and the way in which the independent auditor is utilized. Congressional testimonies as well as quotations from experts in the field are included. Abstract included. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Communication and Negotiation in Employee Relations

A 7 page paper abstracting an article and a book chapter describing two large companies’ approach to negotiating with employees with the aim of improving conditions for each side. Federal Express and Chubb Group took very different approaches to negotiating solutions to problem areas in employee relations, but each operated within the framework presented in “Getting to Yes,” and each arrived at solutions acceptable both to managers and employees. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 5 page paper gives two Journal abstracts concerning the topic of behavioral self management in the disabled student in the classroom. Single subject designs used. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Small Groups/Research

A 10 page research paper and abstract that offers the framework for a hypothetical research study concerning observing group behavior at three different age levels. Background and literature review on this subject is also covered. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

The Development of Artist Mark Rothko

A 5 page paper which examines the development of artist Mark Rothko. The paper discusses his surrealist style and his mature style which utilized abstract expressionism. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

What is Fun?

A 5 page paper which defines the abstract and often allusive term that is fun. No sources cited.

Experiential Learning: The School Environment

A 5 page narrative of how the writer bluffed her way through high school term papers, vowed to do better in college but wound up writing all night the day before the first was due. Based on Kolb’s model of experiential learning, the narrative is divided into Kolb’s four divisions: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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